How is Your College or University Stacking Up Online? [REPORT]

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The online marketing landscape is more competitive than ever – doubly so if you’re a university or college that’s trying to attract the right kind of students.

Although many people think of conversions as something related to business – a sale, a a lead, a subscription, etc. – conversions are just as important to educational institutions. To build a student body, you need applicants.

To get applicants, you need to optimize your online marketing so that it converts your web traffic into prospective students.

Our latest report was compiled from data from over 9,000 educational institutions and student service providers. It offers insights into how colleges and universities use conversion optimization and analytics-based marketing to competitively bring in their next batch of students, and to do so at lower and lower costs.

Only 19% of colleges and universities have an optimization tool installed. This means that most schools have a high acquisition cost. They pay a lot for each new student acquired online.

This high cost of acquisition means that schools must spend and spend on advertising because it takes so many clicks to get one more new student. Conversion optimization reverses this, requiring fewer clicks for each new student.

This report is free to download. Click the image below to get the report, and let us know what you think.

Competing for Students Online

A report card on how colleges and universities are attracting and converting college-bound students.

Free Report: Competing for Students Online


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