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10 Ways to Convert More Customers | Infographic + eBook

If you enjoy studying the psychology of persuasion the way we do here at Conversion Sciences, you’ll love this infographic from the folks at Help Scout.

A Unique Home Page Split Test Experiment on | Biz 3.0

In my book Your Customer Creation Equation I talk about the two conversions that online services have:

  1. Conversion from visitor to trial
  2. Conversion from tryer to buyer

I recommend that online services find ways to get the visitor started as soon as possible. Online services have the advantage that we can try the product right there online.
This article is further proof that getting the visitor engaged with questions is a more effective way to find more tryers and buyers than the typical home page.

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Big Data is Good—But Big Testing is Better | Chief Marketer

@chiefmartec “out of 12,000 experiments that Google ran in 2009, only about 10% of them resulted in adopted changes.” You are not Google. But you must realize that in every industry, an online leader is going to emerge, and it will be the company that adopts a testing culture.
Intuition is no longer your friend. Your intuition cannot comprehend the variety of ways our visitors are coming at us. Data and testing are your friends, or your online audience will continue to abandon you.
Get excited about testing and taking that leadership role in your marketplace. 
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How to Use Ebooks Strategically and Reach Your Content Marketing Goals | Copyblogger

This article on ebooks comes at an important time at Conversion Sciences as we put the final touches on a unique ebook of our own (preorder Business Video Through the Eyes of Your Prospects).
Content is the way you charge and release the power stored in your marketing batteries (customer lists, email lists, social media networks).
And don’t forget that ebooks now outsell print books.

Why Facebook is blue: The science of colors in marketing – The Buffer Blog

If color is your concern, here are some guidelines and some dazzling graphics. However, don’t overthink color. The comments offer some sobering thoughts on the effect of color on success. 

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How to Design Kickass Long Form Sales Pages-ConversionXL

@peeplaja “People have an infinite attention span if you are entertaining them.”

I get a lot of questions about sales letter styled landing pages. Do they work? Do I need to write that much?

My stock answer is that they do work, but that your copywriter needs to know what they are doing. These kind of landing pages typically work with visitors that already know and follow your business.

Peep says it best: “Buyers are readers.” There is more wisdom in this entertaining post. 

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26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I’d Known at 20

If there was one thing that defeats your efforts to market with data, it would be lack of resources. Marketing departments are notoriously under-staffed for the workload delegated by executives. It can become overwhelming to imagine doing tests when you’re just trying to get communications out the door.In the interest of helping you find more time and happiness in your work, I offer this excellent list of 26 “time hacks.”
Please. Do some split testing with the extra time you find. Your visitors will thank you.


3 Ways To Increase Conversion If Your Prices Are Not The Cheapest On The Market — Conversion Team

@conversion_team It’s easy to cut prices.It’s hard to build up the value of what you offer in words and images. If you can occupy the high-price category in your niche, life gets much easier.So, I was pleased to find this article which makes a bold statement: “Avoid Best Practice Conversion Rate Optimization”
While your competitors are testing button color, you can be comparing yourself to the competition, being open about your profits, and doing the math for your visitors.
Best practices only get you so far. Here are some alternatives for online success.
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Brian has shared some great posts For Further Study this week:

13 Unconventional Landing Page Strategies To Increase Conversions

I love the unconventional, and Peep Laja of ConversionXL has assembled a great list of creative landing pages and strategies.If this doesn’t get you excited about your next landing page, I don’t know what will.

7 Steps To Get Actionable User Insights With Qualaroo — Conversion Team

I’m speaking about “flipping” your message when writing copy that converts at #convcon West in San Francisco. Basically, “flipping” prevents “blending” your message, which makes it lose impact and relevance.The catch is that you must understand something about the Web visitors that you’re flipping your message toward.
The Conversion Team has a solution, and this article does a great job of helping you get an actionable understanding of how to write for your visitors in a persuasive and relevant way.

How Creating Crawlable Landing Pages Increased Quality Score | SEER Interactive

Landing pages are a key strategy for monetizing your investment in pay-per-click ads. Here’s some evidence of the importance of having landing pages with text that Google can read.While our landing pages are for humans, we must remember that Googlebot is a visitor as well.

Mar 21, 2013 09:38 am


  •  @smexaminer While images are important for social media to help break through the noise, they are also very important on our landing pages, home pages and other web pages.
    Unfortunately, we often resort to what I call “business porn” in my book. Business porn includes stock photos of multi-racial smiling people, of graphs going up and to the right, and of cheerful women with headsets.
    So if you are struggling with what to use for visuals on your site or in your emails, here are 26 excellent ideas.  – Brian Massey

Tags: images, visuals, business porn

Feb 23, 2013 11:10 pm


  •  @neilpatel While it may sound self-serving to share with you an article on why you should spend money with a company like ours, a conversion optimization company, I think you’ll find the points made by Neil Patel are a great guide to choosing your conversion optimization strategy.
    Yes, you need a conversion optimization strategy, even if you don’t hire consultants.
    Given Neil’s background of creating companies in the online marketing optimization space (KISSmetrics and CrazyEgg), I hope we’ll see some more from him in the form of tools. – Brian Massey

Tags: conversion rate, optimization, neil patel

INFOGRAPHIC Crafting the Subject Line that Gets Your Email Read – Litmus

Jan 28, 2013 03:37 pm


  • We’ve seen in email tests that subject lines can have implications far beyond the open rate. We’ve seen two identical emails with identical landing pages have the same open rates and the same click-through rates (CTR), but one generated more sales than the other.What’s the difference? The subject line.In short, subject lines are important.
    And they are difficult to write.
    This infographic does a great job of boiling things down to help remove the indecision when you are writing subject lines.

by: Brian Massey
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Build a Conversion Rate Heatmap by Hour & Day of Week in Google Docs

Jan 26, 2013 04:02 pm


  • When we dig into a site’s analytics, we try a number of different approaches to the data. Sometimes interesting things pop out, and sometimes the data looks “as expected.”This is an analysis we are going to start adding to our analysis: Heatmap of Conversions by Hour of Day. We will modify it for our ecommerce clients (as we track Revenue per Visit, or RPV).You might try this and see if there is an interesting pattern in your data.

by: Brian Massey

It’s Not My Job: Why Marketing is Broken

Jan 26, 2013 09:58 am


  • @TheGrok (Bryan Eisenberg) is one of the founders of the performance marketing movement — we’ve called it conversion marketing. He has the cred to ask the hard questions. In this very impactful article, he asks “Really, is this so hard to do?” of the email marketers whom he sees as “broken.”These examples should leave you with a feeling of, “Oh yes. I get it now.”That can be a very valuable feeling.

by: Brian Massey
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Nine conversion techniques from the 1920s to try today | Econsultancy

Jan 23, 2013 08:11 pm


  •  @eConsultancy brings the excellent teaching of Claude Hopkins Scientific Advertising into our online world. It’s almost conversion steampunk until you realize that we haven’t invented very much original.And we’ve left some smart ideas behind.Enjoy these nine tips and you should be able to find a free PDF of Hopkins’ book somewhere on the Web.If not, email me.

by: Brian Massey
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Which Site Seal do People Trust the Most? (2013 Survey Results) – Articles – Baymard Institute

Jan 23, 2013 07:07 am


  • When you place the logos of third parties on your site, you are “borrowing” the trust they have created for yourself. Such logos include client logos, website certified logos, associations you belong to, and even the credit card company logos found on checkout pages.Here is an interesting study on which common trust symbols are perceived as most trustworthy.

by: Brian Massey
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