Our Improved Conversion Upside Report

imageThe Conversion Upside Report tells you what gains an optimization plan would give you.

We’ve redesigned our Conversion Upside Report so you can more quickly understand how much you should be investing in website optimization. We’ve used color and short commentary on six different criteria to help you understand where your site is on the spectrum of online businesses.
The Upside Report analyzes the current state of your online business and evaluates your readiness for an optimization program.
Every website will eventually add optimization to their tool belt. The question is when and how much should I spend?
The Conversion Upside Report seeks to answer that question.
All you need are the answers to three questions:


  1. How much traffic do you get a month on average?

  3. How much new revenue does your site generate a month?

  5. How much is a new order or lead worth on average?

At a glance, the report tells you some important things.


  • Do we have enough traffic to optimize reliably?

  • Do we have enough transactions or conversions to split test our ideas?

  • How much is a visitor worth to us? Is it more than we pay for a click?

  • How much more would we make in sales if we improved our conversion rate?

These are the questions you should be asking now if you want to have future success online.
Get your Conversion Upside Report and let me know what you learn.

Brian Massey, Conversion Scientist

Brian Massey
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