Here's What a $10 Million A/B Test Looks Like to Us

We don’t really know what $10 million in cash looks like, but we do know what $10 million in additional revenue looks like to us: it looks like winning A/B test results.
It’s the graphs and spreadsheets that calculate the impact of often small changes on the fortunes of an online business. Sometimes, we print out some of our favorite winning tests and roll around in them.
Each graph represents a series of steps designed to pull stubborn revenue from online businesses. The well may have looked dry to our clients, but our process is a proven way to get that old well gushing again.
Before we can roll around in the winnings, we have to do a number of very important steps.

Choosing the Right Hypotheses

When we start a project, we don’t know what is going to work. However, we have a lot of good ideas. Our job is to figure out which will raise the conversion rates and revenue for the business.

Designing A/B Tests

We design tests that will tell us exactly what persuades more visitors to act. Is it the copy, the images, the layout or the trust symbols?

Coding and Design

We do the coding and creative work. We’re a turnkey operation for any business.


You can’t learn anything until you launch the A/B tests. We execute a test and let it run until the statisticians are happy.


When a winner is found, our clients expect to see the results when winning changes are rolled out onto the site. We call this harvesting the revenue found in the tests.

Ask Why

We then have to ask a very difficult question: Why did visitors respond to a winning treatment? In this business there are no answers, only better-informed questions.
Our answers to the question, “Why” are simply the hypotheses that need additional testing. This takes us back to the beginning.
It is the cycle of constant testing that turns online businesses into online leaders.
If you’re site is ready, we will take your site through two test complete cycles. It promises to be quite a ride.
To see if you’re ready, contact Conversion Sciences and schedule a call. Who knows. You could be rolling around in your own million-dollar graphs before long.

Brian Massey
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