CRO Secrets of The Conversion Scientist [VIDEO]

Brian Massey is a professional website optimizer. He runs the company Conversion Sciences and is the author of the book Your Customer Creation Equation: Unexpected Formulas of The Conversion Scientist.
In this interview, Alex Harris uncovers:
1. The real reason Conversion Optimization works.
2. How his company gets the most out of a website.
3. A secret trick for getting higher conversion rates out of sliding headers.
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Listener comments

Christine Draper said, “I was struck with your point about people being drawn to movement. Love the idea of a high converting slideshow.”
Paul Colaianni said, “Wow, great take away on the static image test. Gotta try that! Great interview for sure!”
ClearlyInfluential said, “Thanks for the advice!”
Celest Horton commented, “Such a great interview alex harris – alexdesigns. I LOVE Brian’s stressing the importance of optimization is really understanding one’s listeners or followers so that we can really work harder to serve them and it becomes a win / win situation!”
Justin Williams liked when Brian said, “Our definition of optimization is understanding your visitors.” He commented, “I certainly agree with you on this one. Great advice, Brian!”
Charlie Poznek quoted Brian saying, “With every test, you learn something.” He continues, “So very true! Test, test, and test some more to get the most information you can. Thanks for a great episode!”
Anthony Tran was very kind, saying, “Wow Brian is truly the expert in this arena. I learned a ton from listening to this episode. I like how he mentioned that the best way to ask questions is to make sure it’s an open-ended question … something that can’t be answered with a simple yes. Get’s your audience wondering and wanting to learn more.”
Amber Hurdle liked Brian’s comment that, “You have to address [the offer] before you have permission to talk about yourself.” She said, “Wow. That is the best part of it all. I have so much room to grow, but I do try! This is simply more to pull from as I move forward. Thanks, gents!”
FireStartersFireStarters said, “Great advice from Brian! Reminds me of measure twice, cut once to get it right. Thanks for the highly valuable interview Alex, great as always and looking forward to leveraging moving forward.”

Brian Massey
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