The art works, but bad science lowers lead conversion rates and keeps you from capitalizing on their genius. What to do?

Perhaps the hardest thing to do in Conversion Science is getting the art right.

Your value proposition, value statement, unique selling proposition or offer are critical to getting seen, heard or read.

At Enviromedia the art works, but the science keeps them from capitalizing on their genius.

Good Art, Good Engagement

I love bold value propositions. “Business-savvy Tree-hugger” and “Capitalist pigs with a social conscious” communicate the value system of this company much better than something like “An environmentally-focused communications company.”

It will totally turn off businesses that aren’t concerned with environmental issues. Conservative republicans will leave the site quickly. This company has staked it’s claim and isn’t worried about losing the wrong business as it enchants the right clients.

Bad science lowers lead conversion rates.

Bad science lowers lead conversion rates.

Enviromedia has a great value proposition but their implementation is not conversion friendly

Enviromedia has a great value proposition but their implementation is not conversion friendly

Bad Science Lowers Lead Conversion Rates

For some reason, this fabulous value proposition was implemented as a flash panel. It took close to five seconds to load on a very fast broadband connection.

I almost didn’t see it.

Search engines won’t see it.

Why? So that the words can shimmer.

Why is this bad science?

Slow load times increase bounce rates and reduce conversion rates.

The human brain is hard-wired look at movement. Movement draws the eye.

In this case the eye is constantly drawn away from the page content. Doesn’t Enviromedia want me to click on “Who we are” and “What we do?” If not, why put them on the page.

The coup de tat? This big attention-drawing graphic isn’t clickable.


Good Science Increases Lead Conversion Rates

Rip out the flash. Put the exact same words in an image. Make the image clickable so that I can see what you mean by “business-savvy tree-hugger” and “capitalist pigs with a social conscience.”

Now I’m engaged. I’m into the site. I’m vulnerable to offers to start a conversation.

I’d hire Enviromedia.  I like and understand their value proposition. Of course, they could make it easier for me to hire them with a little conversion science in the mix.

Your Turn

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Brian Massey
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