“Evil” Best Buy Develops Personas

Flip through Best Buy's Personas • Best Buy customer profile

Flip through Best Buy’s Personas or Customer Profile

Oh no! The secret’s out.

Best Buy actually took the time to profile their customers with the intention — GASP — of selling more to them. The Consumerist finds this somehow disingenuous, that one of the biggest consumer electronics retailers on the planet is not interested in selling to customers that aren’t profitable.

Maybe it’s not OK for Best Buy to do this, but do you feel some moral obligation to sell to anyone, even if you don’t make money? I don’t.

According to writer Meg Marco, Best Buy’s sins include catering “only to its most profitable customers, or ‘angels.'”

That sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

Keep reading, and I’ll lay an even bigger shocker on you.

We All Carry Personas Around With Us

The truth is, that The Consumerist has a set of personas. They just haven’t written them down. A quick review of their content will tell you that one of their key personas is the angry, cynical or distrustful consumer who likes to rant, and who will spread The Consumerist’s message to their friends via email, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.

This is how they grow their business.

These crazed consumers are their “angels.” Meg may even see someone like me — a marketer — as a “demon” on their site. The Consumerist content is targeted, relevant, and engaging, but only to those readers who will help them sell more and more advertising.

That is the power of personas, and you can use them in your business too if you want to sell more or generate more leads.

A Scandal in the Making

Here’s the shocker. I have a set of personas for this blog. And I’ve even gone so far as to write them down.

Yes, it’s a scandal in the making. I can already see the headlines:

Exclusive: The Conversion Scientist Seeks to Grow Audience!

Blogger Targets Content Away from Uninterested Readers!

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably one of my angels. I write for you and seek to provide value to you. You specifically. I’ve created my personas so I can target my topics and writing style to you. I think this will make you read more and share my stuff with your friends.

This is how I grow my blog.

I’m going to introduce you to my personas in the course of this series on conversion Web strategies. Don’t miss a post.

Do you think you will see yourself in them?

Click here if you would like to know how personas can mean bigger online projects. Thanks to Britton Manasco of Illuminating the Future for sending me this.

Brian Massey
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