Optimizing for Buyer Personas [Webinar]

iStock_000008395106MediumNow, if you’re interested at all in website conversion, I should know that you don’t wake up at night saying, “Wow! I need to accelerate my online business!”

You certainly don’t spend your day in a cold sweat, wondering how to “optimize for buyer personas.”

So, why did I name a webinar “Accelerating Your Online Business by Optimizing for Buyer Personas!?”

Because sometimes I make the same mistakes you are making in your marketing. I’m trying to come up with titles and headlines and copy that appeal to everyone, when I should be focusing on you, a real business with real conversion concerns.

So here’s my promise: I’m going to tell you who should be part of this webinar, straight up, and you can go about your business if it isn’t you.

If you want to know what color your Add to Cart button should be, you’re going to hate this webinar.

If you want to know how to get your team to stop writing titles like “Accelerating Your Online Business by Optimizing for Buyer Personas,” you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking for ten steps toward better landing pages, you’re going to be disappointed (but you will be entertained).

If you’re frustrated that your website isn’t doing better, and you’re not afraid of change, you should be here.

If you like presentations named “Accelerating Your Online Business by Optimizing for Buyer Personas”, you’re not going to like Accelerating Your Online Business by Optimizing for Buyer Personas.

We’re going to have more fun than that title suggests.

We’re going to talk about personas, which I know is very conceptual for many of you. You are dismissed.

For the rest of you, I offer a clarity of direction and purpose that few website teams can claim.

And we’re going to see if you learned anything, by finishing up with “What to Test: The Conversion Quiz.”

Yes, online marketing should be fun.

So, please ignore the title and come if you want to learn:

  1. An easy way to model your best visitors into four “Modes of Research”
  2. The limits of demographics and how to overcome them
  3. How to use analytics to uncover persona behavior
  4. The Conversion Quiz: Test your ability to apply personas to on-page tests

Pretend we named the webinar something more interesting.


Brian Massey
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