Using “Bacn” to Convert Demo “Tryers” to Buyers

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Bacn helps convert demo "tryers" into buyers.

“Sell the sizzle, not the steak,” said

Well bacon sizzles, too, and it’s email counterpart “bacn” is the sizzle that sells your online service.

Bacn is the term for notification email, the confirmations we receive from the ever-growing online services that we sign up for.

Many sign up. Few buy.

In my up-coming book, I define the Conversion Signature “Site as a Service” and identify the key conversion strategies that make these sites successful. Service sites have an advantage: you can try the product right there on the Web. They have a disadvantage, though: two conversions to buy.

The first is converting a visitor to a “tryer” by signing them up for a demo.

The second is converting the tryer into a buyer.

Email is the underutilized weapon in this second conversion.

In Online Service Uses Email to Convert Triers Into Buyers I analyze some bacn I received from simple CRM site Pipedrive. I provide some best practices for this overlooked strategy.

Aren’t all of our Web sites really software applications after all?

Photo courtesy arrowp via stock.xchng.