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How to Use Humor in Video to Increase Online Sales

Everybody wants to be the llmpany that came up with the brilliantly clever video or ad or Tweet that got shared by millions. The one where, if you dare to admit you haven’t seen it, everyone else at the party will jump on you demanding, “You haven’t SEEN it?” But here’s the thing: While there…

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Close the Conversion Gap. Cater to the Impulse Purchase

If you are anything like me, you’ve made your fair share impulsive purchases online. Unlike trekking into brick-and-mortar, I never get on the Internet with the intent of pulling out my credit card. Yet, inevitably, I’ve got two food delivery subscriptions and a blouse from the JCrew factory store shipping out tomorrow. Are your visitors…

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Conversion Optimization has been Around as Long as Commerce

We came across this infographic from, The History of Commerce from Cattle to Bitcoin, and realized that conversion optimization has been around as long as commerce. Conversion optimization is the art and science of making more money from what you have. It is about getting more currency from the investments you’ve already made. Today…

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Get a 300% increase in conversions without redesigning your website

Map Out a 300% Conversion Rate Increase

In January a large property listing website announced they’d increased conversions by 300%. They’d significantly changed the site’s design and the way they searched for properties, delivering results by travel time rather than miles radius. In March a second property website announced a boost of 300% but this time no design change whatsoever. They started…

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What makes a Landing Page work?

Entrepreneur Unleashes Website Optimization Experts

Would you be brave enough to let a bunch of conversion experts tell you what is wrong with your website?  Flex Fitness’s Ryan Ehler did just that when he won the privilege of having five website optimization experts evaluate a landing page for one of his ads. Digital Marketer published all of the recommendations. The…

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How CRO is Like St. Patrick’s Day

As scientists, we like to break things down to their essence, to understand the things that make them work. This works well when we’re optimizing websites. Now it’s St. Patrick’s Day. What are the components of this rowdy holiday? We decided to create our own website optimization holiday modeled on St. Patty’s Day. Our analysis…

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Abandoned Shopping Carts

Alaskan Discount Store Experiences Real Shopping Cart Abandonment

Women’s Bay, Alaska – 98% of Shoppers abandon their full shopping carts. In an event termed, “Reality imitating the Internet,” a trove of shoppers left shopping carts full of merchandise at the checkout counters of this small Alaskan discount retailer. “Everything seemed fine, “ said store owner Edsel “Mac” Jones. “They were shopping, comparing prices,…

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September Wrap Up: ConversionSUMMIT and ConversionJAM

I’ve got some eye-candy and ear-hums for those of you who hate reading. My tour of Europe (Frankfurt, Germany to Stockholm, Sweden) yielded a variety of media. Our brains are good at ignoring the typical so that we don’t miss the life-threatening: Wind on the grass vs. the steps of a predator. Per Axbom Lab…

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How To Design a Kicka$$ Long Form Sales Page – For Further Study

How to Design Kickass Long Form Sales Pages-ConversionXL @peeplaja “People have an infinite attention span if you are entertaining them.” I get a lot of questions about sales letter styled landing pages. Do they work? Do I need to write that much? My stock answer is that they do work, but that your copywriter needs…

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