Conversion Sciences roadtripping to Chicago on June 2

Going Mobile for Mobile Conversions [Hello Chicago]

If you live in Chicago, we’re bringing one of our most important presentations right to you. If you don’t live in Chicago, may I suggest you get that Ford Fairlane lubed and tuned up for a road trip. You’ll want to be there on June 2. We’re going mobile to spread the results of our…

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Digital Elite Camp 2014 Photo Album

Dear Mom, Just came back from a speaking tour of Europe. One of the highlights was Digital Elite Camp 2014 in Tallinn, Estonia. I met some of the smartest people in online marketing. We shared ideas, we danced, and we swam in the freezing Baltic Sea. Here are some pictures from this adventure. To new…

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September Wrap Up: ConversionSUMMIT and ConversionJAM

I’ve got some eye-candy and ear-hums for those of you who hate reading. My tour of Europe (Frankfurt, Germany to Stockholm, Sweden) yielded a variety of media. Our brains are good at ignoring the typical so that we don’t miss the life-threatening: Wind on the grass vs. the steps of a predator. Per Axbom Lab…

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Use On-screen Markup to Make Webinars More Effective

On-screen Markup can increase engagement and keep viewers around longer. My online landing page webinars are quite different from most you’ve seen. Why is that? Because I do live on-screen critiques of the landing pages. You can see me in action on August 21 during my webinar The Chemistry of the B2B Landing Page with…

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WhichTestWon Live Event This Week!

The Conversion Sciences team is packing up the coffee cup beakers and the lab coats and heading to downtown Austin for the Which Test Won Live Event happening this Thursday and Friday. We know you have a few questions, so here’s the rundown. What is Which Test Won Live? “WhichTestWon’s The Live Event is the…

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See The Conversion Scientist Live at InfusionCon

Brian is excited to announce that he will be speaking later this week at InfusionCon. He’s ironing the lab coat and polishing his glasses to get ready for a great session in Arizona. What is InfusionCon you ask? Well it is the annual conference for InfusionSoft. While it originally started as a software training conference,…

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See Brian at Pubcon Austin

Will you be in Austin on Thursday, February 21st? If so, you should head over to Pubcon Austin to hear Brian speak.  There’s really no better way to spend a Thursday afternoon. Brian will be speaking with Khalid Saleh (moderated by Peter LeShaw) on conversion rate optimization. Or, as Pubcon says….. “You may have figured…

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