eCommerce Growth Continues in 2015 in Europe and the US

This infographic from Ecommerce Platforms gives us some insight state of eCommerce in 2015.  It’s looking like online sales are going to increase to well over a quarter of a billion dollars (yep, you read that right:  billion!), and even though retail sales online are still a relatively small percentage of total sales, brick-and-mortar shops are still feeling the pinch.

What piece of the ecommerce pie will your business get? It depends where you are. Note how much European shopping behaviors vary by region.

The 10% increase in ecommerce revenue is up for grabs. Your ability to capitalize will be based in large part on the conversion rate, or revenue per visit that you get from your site.

A 10% increase in buyers plus a 10% increase in conversion rate could deliver you 21% growth in topline  revenue in 2015..

The State of eCommerce in 2015


Thanks to ecommerce platforms for creating this.

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  • This is great news for e-commerce website developers. The question is how to guide these folks into the right platform, with so many clamoring for attention.

    • The voice of a platform is not easy, especially since so many e-commerce platforms are so bad. Be sure to choose one that plays well with your analytics and tag manager. That alone narrows the field a few.

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