Six mistakes that you can turn into opportunities

In a post on the American Marketing Association blog, I’ve presented my list of best practices for notification and clarification emails. These are golden opportunities to continue the conversation with an engaged prospect and move them closer to becoming a customer or a user of what you offer.
Notifications are sent when someone requests something from your web site. They can be triggered by a download, registration, demo, webinar, signup, contact inquiry, service request, or customer support call.
Each one should move your conversation with this person further along.
We see these as simply informational, but they should also provide additional value.

The Top 6 Mistakes

Mistake #1: Not sending notifications and confirmations
Mistake #2: Not sending enough notifications
Mistake #3: Not helping new users get started
Mistake #4: Not tracking the performance of your notification and confirmation e-mails
Mistake #5: Not sending quickly
Mistake #6: Not offering that next piece of information

Get the details on the AMA blog.
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