The Life of a Landing Page

It’s not easy being a landing page. It has one job and one job only; provide the customer with what they were promised from the ad or email or offer they clicked on.  It may be a single task, but it’s a huge undertaking for a single page.
Being the first impression for a whole site is a make or break moment, and the landing page does everything it can to get it right the first time. Because it knows that it’s going to be sending those hard-won customers and leads to the rest of the site.
It’s not easy knowing that for all of its clarity and ease-of-use, a landing page will eventually have to send a customer on to other pages. Pages that are nosy like the Shopping Cart, or pages that are self-centered like the About Us section.
The landing page exists solely to deliver what the customer wants, and it takes its job very seriously.
So come on in. In If Your Landing Page Could Talk, What Would It Say?  the landing page wants to show you around and give you exactly what you need.
Enjoy your visit.
To read the Brian’s full article on the life of a landing page, click HERE.
Or listen to Brian read the article.

Cathy Tilton
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