New presentation debuts at Innotech eMarketing Summit in Portland

After collaborating for a ClickZ article on Social Conversion with Dave Evans, I was pleased to get an opportunity to work with him to expand on the topic. I presented the topic at the eMarketing Summit during Innotech Portland 2009.

This is a topic that is moving quickly, and I suspect you will have something to say. Please do.

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Is Flavia going to help us get some x’s, o’s and some !’s?

Happy Valentines Day from Conversion Sciences and Flavia
It’s time for another special ConversionCast compliments of our friends at Flavia. We look at the three strategies that will make or break an eCommerce site:


  • Categories

  • Product Pages

  • Checkout Process

We also take a hard look at their Home page.
Flavia has one thing going for them: they have metrics installed. In fact, they are double covered with metrics from Omniture Site Catalyst and Google Analytics. This means they know if a change will make a difference in their sales.
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Will their customers be their Valentines by buying their products? I’ll try to find out for you.
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“Valentine” courtesy Daniel Adam Johnson via the Podsafe Music Network

From the Society of Word of Mouth comes this little podcast about the change in marketing. It’s more serious than you might think.
“It is no longer sufficient to communicate powerfully, you must say something powerful.”

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image In this ConversionCast™, we take a look at academic software and hardward eCommerce site Gradware.com, an academic software and hardware eCommerce site.
What are the key strategies you want to get right if you’re running an eCommerce site? I offer my opinion in the workshop “Identifying Your Key Conversion Strategies,” which you can listen to free. You can also subscribe to The Conversion Scientist Podcast for more on conversion and Web strategy.

The eCommerce Web Site Pattern

When we’re looking at an eCommerce Web site pattern, we want to focus on the following key strategies:


  • Product Pages

  • Category Navigation

  • Transaction or Shopping Cart

For this ConversionCast, we don’t have the time to dive into the purchase process, so we’ve focused on the Home Page, Product Pages and Category Navigation.
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Tell us what your eCommerce site offers in the comments below.