Did you know that all of the changes you’re making to your Web site are largely wasted? Really.

If you were to put just a little discipline behind your site changes, you could learn scads about what your visitors like and what makes the cash register ring online.

I address the power of Serial Testing in my Conversion Sciences column on Search Engine Land.


Gather close, dear friends and hear my words of warning. Gird yourself, for my tale would make any enlightened man or woman stagger back in disbelief. I do not share such news with you lightly. It is not my errand to harm or discomfort your mental or psychological well-being.


Resist the urge to sever the very Internet connection with which you receive my message. I shall soon relieve your stress with a simple technique that will counter the malevolence that I describe.


I reveal my knowledge only because you may in fact be a person possessing an enterprising mind. If this is true, I know you will see in my tale of woe and tragedy the shadow of immense opportunity.

Read my Search Engine Land Conversion Science column…

Brian Massey
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