Every March, the annual college basketball tournament inspires basketball binge-watching behavior known by most as “March Madness”.
There’s another kind of March madness. It’s the period of time in which ecommerce companies begin to think about the holiday shopping season again (at least the good ones).
“Didn’t we just finish the holidays?” they ask. Yet, they remember the last minute scrambling they had to do like Dayton’s Vee Sanford, who eliminated Ohio State in the last seconds.
It’s easy to ignore the holiday shopping season. November seems so far away. But the Holidays are about ecommerce upsets, when the little guy can out-sell the big guy.
Upsets don’t just happen. You have to prepare for them.

Preparation Meets Inspiration

The mental and physical preparation that goes into engineering your own upset takes time. The summer is your off-season. How will you train?


  • New products

  • New offers

  • More traffic

  • Crank up the Conversion Rate

The products and offers are the picking, shooting and dribbling fundamentals. These require a honed knowledge of game fundamentals.
Driving traffic is like selling tickets. A winning season means more fans. Ultimately, you don’t have control of prices, game times and TV schedules. As an ecommerce site, you invest in traffic knowing that it can change at any time (and probably has).
Working on the Conversion Rate is where it all comes together. This is watching game films of your team and your competitors. It is building strength and endurance for the team. It takes time, but what you gain no one can take from you.
It’s the same with website optimization. As the revenue you generate from every visitor goes up, your site improves. You own it.
Plus the additional revenue compounds like a bank loan. Each month that you find something that generates more sales from the same traffic – a “Win” – it builds on last wins from previous months.
If you increase your conversion rate by 7% a month, you will have doubled your conversion rate within a year. That’s a serious upset to your competitors.
It’s time to work on your fundamentals. We are the drill coaches that get you there. Have a conversation with a Conversion Scientist and let us show you how you can move into brackets you never thought you’d be playing in.

Brian Massey
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