What is Your Website’s Conversion Signature? [Audio]

Converting website visitors into customers
Understanding the signature of your Web site is key to Conversion Science

When a Conversion Scientist looks at a Web site, we don’t look at it the same way a designer does. We see see things like click streams, beacons, brick walls and second chances.

Back in 2007, I defined five conversion “patterns” or “signatures” for Web sites, that has stood the test of time. Knowing which conversion signature your website matches tells you where to put your focus to increase leads, sales or both.

If your site isn’t delivering leads and sales for your business, then you may think your site is something different from what your prospects expect it to be.

I can help you identify your conversion signature thanks to Jay Ehret over at Power to the Small Business podcast.

Jay runs a great podcast and backs it up with a show notes that really compliment the audio content he produces. You won’t be surprised that he’s an ex-radio DJ when you listen.


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