The Formula That Makes LeadPages A Lead Generation Force

In this webinar Brian Massey sits with Tim Page, Conversion Educator At LeadPages who discusses the success of LeadPages and how the company processes over 3 million email optins each month.

It’s no surprise that after 12 years testing and implementing sales marketing psychology, Tim’s team created one of the most effective, lead generation tools available that grew their company from zero to 15 thousand paying customers in a year.

After watching this webinar you’ll learn:


  • A three step sales process that will make you money even when you don’t have a launch, webinar, or the time to send an email.

  • How using LeadBoxes can increase your conversions up to 32% by forcing your visitors to make a decision.

  • Why their simplest landing page outperforms even the most comprehensive video pages.

  • How the amount of time you spend creating your lead magnet will not reflect your conversion rate.

  • What list building strategy you can implement to grow leads the fastest.


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The Results of 2 Years of Optimization

This is how it's done. Join Joel Harvey as he takes you through two years of optimization on a software subscription purchase funnel that delivered a 3.5x return on investment.

  • Price-point testing.
  • How to communicate value.
  • Increase trial conversion rates.
  • Use of social proof and risk reversal.

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