LOGMyCalls’ Conversation Analytics Data From Calls Analyzed in Q1.2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]


Call tracking is what happens BEFORE the call. Conversation Analyitcs is what happens ON the call.

LogMyCalls’ Conversation Analytics uses sophisticated speech recognition technology and hundreds of thousands of proprietary algorithms to extract data from phone calls. McKay Allen shared the results from those Conversation Analytics in this incredible infographic.

Some interesting takeaways:


  • If an employee asks for the business, the caller is 10.4 X likely to convert.

  • 46% of all sales inquiries are missed opportunities.

  • 6% of calls results in caller dissatisfaction.

Millions of calls are being processed by LogMyCalls. This infographic provides high level data about all of the calls analyzed in Q1. Enjoy and share!

Conversation Analytics: Data from Every Call Analyzed in Q1

LOGMyCalls has written several other articles about Conversation Analytics, including:

45 Cool Analytics We Extract From Phone Calls – The Quick Guide to Conversation Analytics

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