This is the Key to a Persuasive Website

What is the key to creating a persuasive website? Calum Coburn takes a page from the negotiator’s handbook. Learn the key to being persuasive both in person and on the Web.

“Turn the other cheek.”

This well-worn phrase has come to mean many things. Forgive easily. Don’t over-react. Be strong in the face of adversity.

All of the focus is on the person doing the cheek turning. But the truth is, there is no righteous turning of cheeks without a slap. The full quote from the Bible is this:

“If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”

— Matthew 5:39

This is the classic hero’s journey in one sentence. The hero is presented with an event that changes his world. People will hit you. He faces a choice, to strike back or to elevate himself and turn the other cheek. If he passes this test, he will be transformed.

But none of this happens without the slap. This is traditionally the role of the villain in our stories and myths.

The hero’s journey also shows up in our marketing. We call them customer journeys. If we want to make our customers heroes, it begs the question:

Who plays the villain?

One choice for persuasive website

When we are writing persuasively, we have a fundamental choice: Do we emphasize the positive aspects of our offering, or do we emphasize the potential loss that comes from inaction.

In the first case, we are selling our visitors. In the second we are playing the villain, presenting a negative consequence and agitating our heroes into action.

Would you like to know which works better according to science?

Calum Coburn has the data, and he comes with a very interesting perspective: the world of negotiation. Calum is a trainer, coach and consultant to businesses who want to be better at negotiating.

What does he know about persuasion and how can we use it in our digital marketing.

We talk about the concept of “prospect theory,” and today’s guest is an expert. Literally.

Calum Coburn is the Director and Vice President of The Negotiation Experts, a training and consulting firm that enables sales teams to drive measurable profit improvements.

On today’s show, Calum and Brian discuss the finer points of “prospect theory,” along with how to start building the foundations of trust as soon as your prospects see your web copy.

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