If you live in Chicago, we’re bringing one of our most important presentations right to you.
If you don’t live in Chicago, may I suggest you get that Ford Fairlane lubed and tuned up for a road trip. You’ll want to be there on June 2.
We’re going mobile to spread the results of our testing on the mobile web. It’s one of the most important presentations we’ve done because the mobile web is changing fast.

CRO-1 with Labels ghostbusters ambulance

Conversion Sciences is Road Tripping to Chicago June 2.

We know a thing or two about your mobile marketing. Your Mobile traffic is probably one of your fastest growing segments. It converts at depressingly low rates. You have probably decided to focus your efforts on the desktop for now.
We were there once, too.
Come see the most interesting and lucrative things we’ve learned about mobile conversions from tests across industries. You’ll learn you how to avoid common conversion-killing “mobile best practices”, write CTAs that get mobile visitors to take action and employ simple UX tricks that will keep those CTAs constant without distracting or irritating visitors.
You’ll also get tips for bridging the 1st screen to 2nd screen gap, maximizing phone leads from mobile visitors and building forms that mobile visitors will actually complete.
You’ll leave this sessions equipped to make smarter decisions about your mobile experience.

We Get a Special Discount

We get a special discount since we’ve got the awesome wheels. Don’t tell our hosts at Unbounce that we’re sharing this code with you.


You better sign up before they get wise. This code lets you in the door for $149.50. That’s 50% off the already ridiculous price. You can use it here. Yes, it’s a damn long discount code. Copy it to your clipboard.

Did I Mention the Other Seven Awesome Speakers?

No? Well you can’t beat them. You should check them out after you’ve registered to see us.
Speaker Image

We’re worth the $149.50 admission, but you also get these bright people.

Come see us in Chicago, or wait to see these great speakers at one of the overblown and expensive conferences in some far away city. Your choice.

Tim Ash coined the term “Big fat bouncers in your brain” during an interview on his Landing Page Optimization podcast that he and I were on.
I love the image that phrase draws to mind, because it’s true.
The bottom line is this: If you want your message to affect and influence your readers and listeners, you must get past the big fat bouncers in their brains.

Writing Killer Copy: Getting Past the Bouncers in Your Brian

Watch the Replay

I’ve introduced you to these two bouncers and telling you how to write copy that gets past them.
Why register now?
Find out how Betabrand achieved 432% growth for products nobody was looking for.
Get my real definition of “copy”.
See revealing brain scans. We all love brain scans.
Discover my fool-proof method for great copy.
Find out what business porn is and how to create compelling images.
As always, we have FUN doing these.

Writing Killer Copy: Getting Past the Bouncers in Your Brian

Watch the Replay


Why do superheroes wear costumes when a simple mask would suffice? What is behind the legend of the “Power Tie?”

Why do Conversion Scientists wear a lab coat?

This is one of the questions I answer in my interview with Roger Dooley for the Brainfluence Podcast. Roger is one smart cookie, and our conversation flows to a number of interesting topics.

  • What is a Conversion Scientist?
  • Earning the trust of your potential customers.
  • The counter-intuitive way to generate more telephone calls.
  • Why we spend too much time telling people what we offer and not enough time on their needs.
  • Why Brian says that most designers are going to give you well-meaning, but altogether bad, advice.

You should certainly give this a listen, or pop over the the Brainfluence Blog to read the transcript.


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This interview originally appeared on Roger Dooley’s Brainfluence Podcast.

21 Quick and Easy CRO Copywriting Hacks to Skyrocket Conversions

21 Quick and Easy CRO Copywriting Hacks

Keep these proven copywriting hacks in mind to make your copy convert.

  • 43 Pages with Examples
  • Assumptive Phrasing
  • "We" vs. "You"
  • Pattern Interrupts
  • The Power of Three
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Dear Mom,
Just came back from a speaking tour of Europe. One of the highlights was Digital Elite Camp 2014 in Tallinn, Estonia. I met some of the smartest people in online marketing. We shared ideas, we danced, and we swam in the freezing Baltic Sea.
Here are some pictures from this adventure.
To new friends,

My presentation “The Chemistry of the Landing Page” has been seen by thousands of (lucky?) marketers and business people. I think it’s one of my best.
The reason I think it is so popular is that it’s different every time. Each time I do it, I critique a different bunch of actual landing pages.
I start off by boiling the process of building a landing page into five components. Then I show you what makes people leave. Attendees usually start kicking themselves when at this point in the presentation.
But the fun starts when we start applying this to real landing pages. Things always get interesting.
imageWould you like to have your landing page reviewed by me? I promise that I’m gentle.
But even if you end up feeling a little embarrassed about your page – and everyone does – wouldn’t more sales, leads and subscribers make it worth the discomfort?
I recommend you submit your page for my April 10 presentation right now.
We start at 2:00 pm EDT on Thursday, April 10. The Webinar will be recorded.
PEOPLE LOVE THE LIVE PAGE CRITIQUES. So will you. You’ll never look at another landing page the same way.
Here’s a little sample of the questions I’m going to tackle.


  • What is the one thing a landing page must get right?

  • How do you “show the product” when you offer a service or content for download?

  • What is “Abandon” and how do you get rid of it?

  • How do you “borrow trust” for your landing page?

  • What constitutes “proof?”

Won’t you join us? Even if you can’t attend live, register to see the replay, which will be recorded.
Let’s have some fun and make more sales.
Best regards,
Brian Massey, the Conversion Scientist

I’ve got some eye-candy and ear-hums for those of you who hate reading. My tour of Europe (Frankfurt, Germany to Stockholm, Sweden) yielded a variety of media.

Sketch of conversion scientist Brian Massey @bmassey at #cjam3
Our brains are good at ignoring the typical so that we don’t miss the life-threatening: Wind on the grass vs. the steps of a predator.
Per Axbom

Lab Coats Were All the Rage

My fantastic hosts, André Morys and John Ekman easily earned their Conversion Scences lab coats for exemplary work in progressing the science of conversion. Co-speaker Natalie Nahai (the WebPschologist) found the 1200 thread count thermal weave to be warming on a cool Stockholm night.

Natalie Craig Ton Andre Brian Lab Coat ConversionJAM Brian Massey John Ekman lab coat Natalie Nahai Lab Coat

An Audio Preview

brian massey cjam3 podcast interview uxpodcastThe James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom recorded a short (14:36 min) interview. You should listen to it, and if you want to learn more, check out the complete audio of my presentation.

Live the Full Presentation as if you were THERE

Follow along with the slides.

Webinar Image-560x423
On-screen Markup can increase engagement and keep viewers around longer.

My online landing page webinars are quite different from most you’ve seen. Why is that?

Because I do live on-screen critiques of the landing pages. You can see me in action on August 21 during my webinar The Chemistry of the B2B Landing Page with Live Critiques.

Why not mark them up ahead of time and just present my findings? Here’s why:

1. It’s boooring. I mean webinars can be pretty uneventful, unless you’ve got a really talented presenter. This adds some pizzazz to the presentation.

2. It’s more fun for me to do. I like to do interactive events like this.

3. If I didn’t, then the critiques wouldn’t really be “live”.

4. It keeps your audience engaged longer, and we have some data to support that.

Why Online Markup is an Awesome Webinar Tool

You should consider online markup if you really want to deliver a captivating presentation that keeps the audience engaged for your entire message.

The interactivity helps people stay tuned into your presentation. There is something about drawings that just captivates the viewer and keeps their attention. We found this to be true in video.

Not only did the “whiteboard-style” video keep the eye on the video, it provided a higher conversion rate on a landing page than two other kinds of business video.

The on-screen drawing gives you a unique angle in a sea of “me too” webinars. Drop-off rates in my previous webinars have been significantly lower than in webinars I’ve done without the critiques. People hang around longer.

Less “multi-thrashing” by the audience. The myth of multi-tasking is alive and well in the webinar world. You may call this multi-bashing, but at any time, most of your viewers are checking email and social media while listening to your presentation.

As a webinar attendee, you can probably remember a time when you wished you could rewind a webinar. The presenter finally said something that caught your attention as you typed out an email reply, but you had no idea of what he said before that.

Since we don’t have Webinar DVRs yet, you want to minimize multi-trashing of your message. On-screen markup works.

Implementing Online Markup in Your Webinars

Most webinar software such as GotoWebinar and WebEx give you tools to markup your screens. However, I find the mouse to be an insufficient tool for writing and drawing. It takes too much concentration.

However, if it’s all you’ve got, you should use it.

My “rig” is a bit more sophisticated. That’s OK because I like toys.

Presentation setup
This is my presentation setup. Click to enlarge.

This setup provides the following:

  1. A video headshot for live keynotes and other presentations that require a connection with the audience. Many live meeting services allow a picture-in-picture window for the presenter’s face.
  2. Presentation monitor for static presentation slides via VGA output on laptop and multi-screen drivers.
  3. Tablet screen and stylus for drawing markup.
  4. Hidden microphone. Since I’m on camera, I don’t wear a headset.
  5. Audio feedback is provided by simple ear buds.
  6. Ability to type via a bluetooth keyboard. Since my laptop is converted to a tablet, its keyboard is hidden.
  7. Ability to mouse around. Good for switching screens, driving polls and more.

My webinar setup


Lenovo ThinkPad X220 (429637U) 12.5″ LED Tablet PC – Core i7 i7-2620M 2.7GThe x230 is now available.
Blue Yeti Multi-Pattern USB Microphone
Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone
logitech Logitech HD720 Autofocus Webcam
Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 (Amazon.com)
Starbucks Dark Sumatra "Earthly & Herbal" Ground Coffee Starbucks Dark Sumatra “Earthly & Herbal” Ground Coffee (drip brewed)
Lab Coat woven from 1200 thread-count “Manhattan Project” Lab Coat woven from 1200 thread-count Engagium anti-spam nanofibers. Available at Buyschtuff.
VGA Plug-n-Play Monitor and multi-screen display drivers VGA Plug-n-Play Monitor and multi-screen display drivers.

The downside of Live Markup

There are some things you need to be aware of if you choose to do one of these.

It requires switching screens from your presentation monitor, where static slides are shown to the tablet screen where you can do the markup. Most webinar services handle this pretty well, but it is another point of failure.

It requires some coordination. If you can’t talk and draw at the same time, you may find your train of thought leaving the tracks.

All of this tech means more points of failure. You have to work hard to have alternative solutions should any of these technologies fail.

See It in Action

Reachforce has asked me to put my rig in action again and you can see the results.

Join me for The Chemistry of the B2B Landing Page, Volume 2 — with Live Critiques from The Conversion Scientist on August 21, 2103 at 1:00pm central time.

I’ll be doing a brief training on how to create effective landing pages backwards and then doing some B2B critiques.

Your page can be one that I critique. You can submit the URL when you register.

I hope to see you there.
Brian Massey

The Conversion Sciences team is packing up the coffee cup beakers and the lab coats and heading to downtown Austin for the Which Test Won Live Event happening this Thursday and Friday. We know you have a few questions, so here’s the rundown.

What is Which Test Won Live?

“WhichTestWon’s The Live Event is the most advanced — and practical — show of 2013 for digital marketers who care about conversion rate optimization (CRO). Be inspired by 17 new Case Studies, create a hands-on testing plan for your site at 11 exclusive workshops, and then network (and party) with your peers.”

Sounds cool! What will the Conversion Sciences Team be doing there?

Our usual mix of mayhem and useful information of course! Come by our booth in the exhibit hall for a first crack at our new ebook Business Video Through the Eyes of Your Prospects. Thursday is the official launch, so stop by for specials and maybe a giveaway or two. We’ll also be doing live site critiques at the top of every hour. Step up for a critique or just watch as the Conversion Scientist gives real live businesses the skinny on what’s working (and what’s not) on their site.

I have to be there! How do I get a ticket?

Head over the Which Test Won Live site to get a ticket. We can promise you will not be disappointed. Remember, it’s this Thursday and Friday May 9th and 10th at the Austin Music Hall. We hope to see you there!
business video cover

You can still pre-order a copy of Business Video Through the Eyes of Your Prospects for a special discount. Get yours reserved today!

Brian is excited to announce that he will be speaking later this week at InfusionCon. He’s ironing the lab coat and polishing his glasses to get ready for a great session in Arizona.
InfusionCon 2013 logo tag F small
What is InfusionCon you ask? Well it is the annual conference for InfusionSoft. While it originally started as a software training conference, it has since evolved into an all-inclusive sales and marketing conference for small businesses.
Brian will be taking his live landing page critiques to the conference. He will be talking directly with small businesses about how to improve their landing pages to increase conversion and get the most out of their campaigns.
If you are attending, please be sure to stop by and tell Brian hello. Maybe he’ll even let you try on the lab coat…….
For more information on his session, check out the InfusionCon agenda. Brian is on Day 3. We hope you can make it to the session!

Will you be in Austin on Thursday, February 21st? If so, you should head over to Pubcon Austin to hear Brian speak.  There’s really no better way to spend a Thursday afternoon.
Brian will be speaking with Khalid Saleh (moderated by Peter LeShaw) on conversion rate optimization. Or, as Pubcon says…..
“You may have figured out how to funnel traffic to your site, but are you monitoring user activity post-click? Learn how to keep the momentum going and encourage users to become more than just traffic–evolve them into conversions. This session will look at specific techniques to increase conversion rates.”
Brian will be bringing real world techniques and tips that you can apply directly to your site to see improvement. And I can’t make any promises, but I can almost guarantee that there will be a lab coat in the building.
If you haven’t registered, get signed up for Pubcon here, and stop by to see The Conversion Scientist in action!