See Me at Conversion World and Keep Your Pajamas On

There’s a formula for your landing pages that guide you to to get the reaction you’re aiming for.  You’re paying for the traffic: now’s your chance to get the most from it.
The first ever online CRO conference is fast-approaching, and if you want that critical formula for high-converting landing pages (and of course you do), request an invite to the Conversion World Conference happening April 20-22.
You’ll never be able to learn from a more diverse, interesting and knowledgeable group of international conversion experts. Ever.
You don’t even have to change out of your pajamas. It’s all online. Invite some of your geeky friends over. Pop popcorn. Invent a Conversion World drinking game.
For my part, I’ll be sharing my landing page formula. You’ll get actionable tips and best practices to create the result-driven landing pages you need.  I’ll also review several of your landing pages live and make suggestions on changes and improvements that will have an immediate impact.

What You’ll Learn


  • Why landing pages are so powerful in online marketing.

  • Why you build landing pages backwards.

  • The primary components that make landing pages work.

  • How to keep your landing pages from getting off track.

Register for this three day extravaganza of conversion optimization goodness without leaving your computer.

Brian Massey
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