How a Marketing Podcast Gives Brands a Human Voice

Can a podcast lend an important human voice to our otherwise robotic digital brands? Here’s what the data says.

A website has some limitations when it comes to growing your brand. A website has to wait until someone comes to visit. It’s like that kid always hoping someone will sleep over.

You can’t send it out on a tour, like a book author. It won’t fill stadiums with screaming fans. It doesn’t count as a passenger so you can use the HOV lane.

When you think about it, a website is more like the brick and mortar store of the digital world. Actually, if you’ve seen the way websites are designed, they are really more like a booth at a generic convention. In Topeka.

If you saw your website at a party, how long would you want to hang out with it, if at all? Isn’t your website more teller machine and less Teller.

Fear not, for the digital world offers a way to lend your digital brand the humanity your website struggles with.

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Podcasting is a Shortcut to our Hearts

We’ve been talking about the Cluetrain Manifesto lately, and thesis number three says that conversations between brands and people “sound human” and are “conducted in a human voice.”

Even today, this sentiment flies in the face of our tightly controlled, highly produced, and frequently foiled image-building campaigns. But we know it’s true.

Because, there is a shortcut to your customers’ hearts, and it’s not through their stomachs. Nor is it through open heart surgery. It’s through the holes we use to drain our airpods sitting on either side of our heads.

It’s podcasting.

So how does podcasting work in a digital marketing context. How do you measure it? And what can you expect from this semi-digital medium.

I went to the source. Rob Walch is VP of Podcaster Relations for LibSyn, the leading podcast host. The guy who said, “If you want to be on the radio, just call in a lot!”

It’s an opportunity to go long form with potential clients or with your target audience. You don’t have to be in pitch mode all the time. You can be yourself. You can talk about real benefits. That’s it. It’s it’s the opposite of Twitter”

I vented some of my frustrations with Podcasting — hint: it’s not a direct response medium — and got an unexpected answer. He also shared with me the data behind the top shows that Libsyn hosts.

When you get back to the office…

What would the voice of your brand be? Or who? Would it be you? Could it be you?

Have you ever practiced your radio voice. I’m using mine now.

Since you’re probably in your car now, you should give it a try. Drop your voice into the back of your throat and push air out with your diaphragm. Then let your voice drop and rise on random words.

Now, try describing your favorite movie. “In a world before running water…”

If you’re stopped at a light, don’t worry. People in other cars will just think you’re singing along to your favorite Bon Jovi tune. Unless they’re listening to this podcast too.

So, how did that feel, giving yourself a voice, a voice designed to communicate? How would it feel to give your brand a voice like that?

Again, could that voice be yours?

Now go scare someone with your radio voice.

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