Cascading Content is Content Marketing Made Easier

Your presentation will set off a cascade of content. It was a few paragraphs from my book in a Chapter entitled “How Content Fuels Conversion.” It started off pretty well, but it ended in a lie. Amid my discussions of video and images; of draftsmen and imagemakers and storytellers appeared a few lines. They’re there…

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WhichTestWon Live Event This Week!

The Conversion Sciences team is packing up the coffee cup beakers and the lab coats and heading to downtown Austin for the Which Test Won Live Event happening this Thursday and Friday. We know you have a few questions, so here’s the rundown. What is Which Test Won Live? “WhichTestWon’s The Live Event is the…

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Do Not Buy My Book (Get it for free)

I’m going to make this brief. Get a free copy at the Amazon Kindle Store As a reader of The Conversion Scientist, I’m offering you free copy of Your Customer Creation Equation: Unexpected Website Formulas of The Conversion Scientist for your Kindle, iPad or Smarthphone. All you have to do is visit the Amazon Kindle…

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Build a Marketing “Battery” that Stores Purchase Power

How to build a marketing database that keeps prospects engaged It sounded like the perfect market:      A large and growing marketplace      A need so critical that it strikes at the very foundations of the family      Increasing competition for scarce supply      A marketplace actively using the Internet to…

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