How Homeaway Shifted to a Testing Culture [INFOGRAPHIC]

Team, tech, process and scale: these are the primary components shared by Tania Shershin of Homeaway at the Which Test Won Live Event in Austin, Texas. We captured the high-points of her presentation live in this instagraph infographic. If you want to create a culture of testing in your organization, here is a roadmap to…

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Marketers’ Helpful Little Monsters-Marketing Automation

We all know the recipe for  success: Reach and Frequency. To grow your business, marketing needs to reach more people more often. Translation: “Work harder.” The modern marketer is responsible for      Imagining the content      Developing the content      Reaching potential prospects frequently with it      Collecting the leads   …

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The Indispensable Marketer

Let’s talk about your career as a marketer. Let’s talk about your power in an organization. Let’s talk about your ability to make things happen in a very real and salary-building way. Marketing is seen as important by CEOs. However, the marketing department is often not seen as important. We are too often seen as…

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CMO, Let My People Go

We covered a lot of ground in my DMA 90 pre-conference intensive “Optimizing Your Web Site for Conversion and Business Success.” I learned a great deal from my audience. But underneath the energy was an undertow dragging us away from shore. It was the knowledge that we would be returning to marketing departments that are understaffed, under budgeted, and — worst of all — focused on the wrong things.

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How Are You Going to Fix Your Conversion Problem?

The heartbreak of “bounce” and what to do about it. Boing! That’s the sound of someone finding your site, but not finding what they wanted ON your site. Boing! That’s the sound of Web site content that doesn’t match your marketing. Boing! That’s the sound of a Web site that talks about the company instead…

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