It’s hard to interview really smart people. They have great things to say, but can run them by you at a fast clip.

It’s like trying to savor a seven-course gourmet meal served on a conveyor belt.

Dan McGaw is one of those smart people. He sees the threads that connect customers to websites to campaigns to decision makers. We call these “stacks” and they are the hot topic in digital marketing these days.

We all have stacks. Email platforms, marketing automation systems, customer management systems, analytics databases… And then each of the services we work with adds to our stacks — Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, Amazon.

Most of our stacks come together piecemeal, one part at a time, independent and unintegrated. This means we spend hours drowning in spreadsheets as we try to answer simple questions, like, “Should I run that campaign again?” and “How many times do I have to touch my prospects before they buy?”

Fortunately, Dan is sitting down with me and I’m going to wrestle as many insights from his brain as possible. He knows all of the tools. And he doesn’t mind telling you what he thinks.

Buckle in.

Utilizing the Vice Framework for Marketing Stacks with Dan McGaw Intended Consequences Podcast. Click to listen to the mistakes marketers make in their stacks.

Utilizing the Vice Framework for Marketing Stacks with Dan McGaw Intended Consequences Podcast

On today’s show, we’re talking about the ICE Framework, what it means and how marketers can apply it as they experiment. Dan McGaw from Effin’ Amazing will also tell you how to include the “hippo in the room” [there’s always one of them]- while still giving everyone a seat at the table.

  • What do companies THINK they need to accomplish vs. what they actually need to accomplish.A lot of companies do have their priorities kind of backwards, so the first thing that we really try to look at with a company is what do they actually need to accomplish to drive impact.
  • ICE Framework. The ice framework of course is Impact, Confidence and Effort.

It’s easy to come up with a long list of ideas. How do you figure out which ones you’re gonna work on next week? Which of these is is a of quality to take to an AP test?

  • On Prioritization

Hey, listen. We could boil the ocean, but that’s gonna take 16 years or we can do these two projects right now. It can take two months but we’ll get something done.

  • Human Capital Expenses.

Tip for evaluating your Martech Stack

You’ve seen the bulletin boards in movies used by detectives to help solve a crime, covered in pictures and connected by strings tacked together.

Brian Massey front of his martech stack diagram.

Here’s my marteh stack diagram.

You should do something like that.

When you get back to the office, bring to mind your most recent campaign. On a bulletin board, or whiteboard, draw the path of your prospects through the various systems in your stack all the way through to purchase.

Even if the systems aren’t in your control.

Draw green lines (or string) if you can track your prospects from one part of the stack to the next.

Draw red lines if you must manually move data, or if data is not available.

For us, the Marketing Scorecard is where we analyze all of the work we’ve done. There are several red lines leading into it. It’s in a spreadsheet and I manually enter data weekly to answer questions like, “How much is a new subscriber worth in dollars?” and “How has our new landing page changed acquisition cost?”

Then get to work on the red lines. Some of them are red simply because you’re not using the data. I rarely log into Sprout Social to see how our campaigns are driving new subscribers and leads.

Reach out to sales to see if you can get a regular report of sales. Figure out how to tie web campaigns to closed deals by passing campaign identifiers with form data.

Then listen to this podcast again. You’ll see Dan in a whole new light.

OK, scientists. That’s it for this week.

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