High Converting Websites: What's the Secret Weapon?

You don’t have to do very many split tests before you find your secret weapon for high converting websites. I predict your secret weapon will be the same as ours.
Of course, if I reveal what it is, it won’t be a “secret” anymore, now will it. So, I’ll just drop a few clues and you can guess.

  1. The people who are good at it have names like ____hackers.
  2. 2. The secret rhymes with “poppy” but I’m not implying anything by that.
  3. As a noun, it’s very important. As a verb it’s plagiarism.
    As a noun, it’s very important. As a verb it’s plagiarism.
  4. My CRO Day Ask me Anything session partner, Joanna Wiebe gets it big time.

Now that you’re part of the inner circle, you have a golden opportunity to get better at deploying this secret weapon. Send us your questions now (right now) and listen in on CRO Day, April 9 as me and Joanna answer your questions on _________ (almost gave it away!) and other conversion optimzation issues.
You questions could address the two steps to making this work:

  1. What are the proven best practices.
  2. How to test to find what works for your unique audience.

But you can Ask Us Anything about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).
The truth is, if you don’t have your value proposition down — the words and images that define what you offer and why it’s good to have — you won’t have much luck testing forms, carts and such.

Brian Massey
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