What Would You Tell a Printer in this Digital Age?

I am your Digital New World Ambassador

image To my digital natives and online tribesman everywhere:

What would you tell the printing industry if you had one hour with them?

Think about it: The Printing Industry has been communicating with the world for centuries. While you could argue that they seem slow in adopting digital channels, I would argue that we’ve completely blocked print from our consciousness.

There is an ocean between our peoples.

I have an hour with the Printing Industries of America when I keynote their Converge Conference 2010. Attendees are the boldest of their members, the ones who are looking closely at cross-media business strategies.


  • What would you tell the owner of a printing company?

  • How do you admire them?

  • What do you see that they could be doing better?

Ultimately, I want to understand where the missed opportunities are. When we cross that ocean, what magical happens?

Please use the comments to help me out here. Give me some guidance.

Colonizing the Digital New World

You can hear my thoughts during my online presentation Colonizing the Digital New World.

Here’s the setup I’m using for our printing-side brethren:

Welcome to the Digital New World! I am an ambassador for the people of this land. You have traveled far, across the mighty Sea of Apathy to arrive in this place. You have proven yourself as brave explorers. I am here to welcome you and show you around.

We have studied your strange ways and have seen the devices you have that display content without batteries or plugs. I’m sure we seem strange to you as well. Our customs are very different, but we have the same goals: understanding and prosperity.

During your visit, we will examine the differences between us, but more importantly, we will find new opportunities to work together; to combine your “old world” wisdom with our “new world” technology and to build great businesses.

This Webinar is so important, I’m sure we will print something about it.

Register to get your spot. It should be very interesting.

I’m Looking for More Case Studies

I hope that you will join the conversation.

Do you know about digital printing? XMPIE? QNR? or just any great combination of digital and print?

Please let me know in the comments. I may feature your project in my Keynote.

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