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21 Fascinating Persuasion Techniques for Conversion Optimization

Powerful communicators employ these persuasion techniques when designing online experiences that convert. Do you want your website to be more persuasive? The ability to persuade is a skill coveted by orators, writers and online marketers alike. This ability is based on an ancient–but non-obvious–understanding of human nature. Selecting one or more of these persuasive techniques for your website…

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14 Persuasive Writing Techniques That Trigger A Response

Here are fourteen persuasive writing techniques that will trigger a response from your visitors. Have you ever wondered why nobody is responding to your offers? Why do people read your landing pages and then leave? Why do people see your ads and keep scrolling? You have a great product. You are offering an in-demand service….

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Headlines: 14 Ways to Make Them Amazing

One of my webinar attendees asked the question, “What are some of the best headlines you’ve tested?” Of course, most of the best headlines I’ve found were the ones I’ve written. Well, that’s not completely true. They were the best until I tested them. Often my favorites didn’t win. Nonetheless, headlines are one of our…

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Copywriting: Getting Past the Bouncers in Your Brain [TODAY]

Tim Ash coined the term “Big fat bouncers in your brain” during an interview on his Landing Page Optimization podcast that he and I were on. I love the image that phrase draws to mind, because it’s true. The bottom line is this: If you want your message to affect and influence your readers and…

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Use copy to appeal to your most profitable visitors.

Conversion Copywriting Guide: Transactional vs. Relational Buyers

There are two broad categories of visitors to your site. Understanding them will make you a better at conversion copywriting. You’ll deliver copy, offers and landing pages that perform. By “better” I mean “money generating” or “lead generating.” Interested? We recently completed a test for one of our clients that generated a 42% lift in…

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For Further Study

Eye Catching Email Subject Lines and More – For Further Study

7 Eye-Catching Email Subject Lines to Catapult Your Open Rates | Unbounce @unbounce – Writing headlines and subject lines and tweets all have something in common: You have a limited number of characters to get a prospect’s attention in a very noisy environment. Steve Young gives us some tested subject lines to consider in our…

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Value Propositions: If you have to say it, it probably isn’t true.

Apple has joined the posers. “We love our customers!” “We are the leader!” “We start by asking, ‘How will it make you feel?’” Apple was one of those brands that just didn’t have to say how they worked. They created products we didn’t expect and then showed us the products — with the same style…

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Want Attention? Appeal to the Egos of Experts with Quotes

I was directed by a Facebook notification to a quotation so important that it deserved its own graphic panel. Clearly, this was a quote that needed to be read. As I read I thought, “This guy and I think a lot alike. Who is this Plato of the conversion world?” At the end was my…

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Writing Killer Conversion Copy with Joanna Wiebe of [Audio]

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my Conversion Conference presentation entitled Creating Killer Conversion Copy: Emails, Landing Pages, PPC Ads and More.  I asked Joanna Wiebe of to give me her opinion on writing copy that converts. She clearly has an opinion. I thought Scott Stratten was the epitome of a Canadian Diva….

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63 Great Email Subject Lines from the SXSW Catalog

Your commercial email would enjoy significantly greater open rates if you used subject lines like SXSW session titles. No one’s going to click through from your email if they don’t open it and read it. Here’s a list of my favorites.

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