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Megan Hoover is a Conversion Scientist at Conversion Sciences.

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How to Create a Hypothesis List and Get a Date, Too

As a Conversion Scientist, I used my background in Conversion Rate Optimization and Landing Pages to create the first draft of my OkCupid profile, the landing page of me. I utilized the chemistry of a successful landing page formula to make sure I hit all the known conversion points. OkCupid’s setup will limit me in…

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Image, Proof, Trust, Offer and Form: Parts of a Successful Dating Landing Page

This is the next segment of our series on how a dating profile is like a business landing page. This series is written by Conversion Scientist Megan Hoover. A few weeks ago when I decided it was time to optimize my dating life, I took the first step by creating a list of the qualities…

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A Formula for Rating Lead Quality [A Dating Landing Page]

As a scientist, I’m obsessed with data in every aspect of my life. I calculate wait times in lines based on number of customers and speed of the checkout clerk. I check multiple spreadsheets and websites to optimize cash back rewards and airline points before purchasing anything. So when I decided it was time to…

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5 Sure Shot Tips to Help You Convert More Leads

Jessica Davis of Godot Media how to increase lead conversion rates. Converting leads through your website is an essential objective for any website owner. If your business relies solely on the performance of your website, then this becomes even more important. For success online, you have to constantly strive toward improving the conversion rate of your…

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Who Should Consider Crowdsourced Conversion Optimization?

This is a guest post by Hagi Erez, Founder/COO Pluralis. CMOs and CRO professionals all know the challenges and the extensive resources (both financial and human) that are involved in building the ultimate landing page — the one that doesn’t stop converting. I said, “Why not build a community of professional optimizers, via the power…

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