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Brian Massey is the Founder and Conversion Scientist™ at Conversion Sciences. He is the author of Your Customer Creation Equation. His rare combination of interests, experience and neuroses were developed over almost 20 years as a computer programmer, entrepreneur, corporate marketer, international speaker and writer.

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Video Hosting: Why YouTube is the Wrong Choice

Video hosting is a critical decision. From a conversion stand point, where is the best place that you can host a video? We’ve got Youtube which every body knows how to use it and it’s free. So wouldn’t use Youtube for all of our video? Be Jealous of Your Hard-won Visitors When you are using…

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Why Conversion Optimization is so Important

A conversion is symbolized by a blue line that separates your visitors from their. This video shows how Conversion optimization works.

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What is a Conversion Scientist? (Video)

  Editor’s Note: For our new year, we thought we would look back, way back to November 29, 2009. Did I ever really look that good? “Conversion is a science and an art. If you get the science right, you get to have fun with the art.” Jonas Lamis at Tech Ranch invited me to…

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It’s Too Late to Optimize

For those of you who optimize, and benefitted from a more efficient online store or higher lead conversion rate this holiday season, we straighten our lab coats and salute. You should enjoy one of our more cheerful holiday treats. For those that aren’t going into this holiday season with a 20%, 30% or more revenue lift from this year’s…

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“Quick and Easy” is not a Value Proposition [PODCAST]

Too often, we replace a powerful value proposition with a promise that something is quick and easy. This is a missed opportunity, and often a lie.

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Why Our Website Redesign Wasn’t a Disaster [WEBINAR]

On Monday, Conversion Sciences launched a revamped website. As you will learn in our Lab Coat Lessons Webinar, a website redesign can be a very dangerous undertaking. Sixty percent of our business comes through our website (the remainder being referrals). Any significant drop in traffic or conversion rate will hit our bottom line hard. It’s still early…

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Do Website Redesign Like JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams has two major movie reboots under his belt. Here are some lessons from Abrams that you can apply to your website redesign.

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How Conversion Optimization is a Brand-Building Investment

We believe that conversion optimization is a brand-building activity. Conversion-based brand building works on the assumption that there is no better brand experience than finding what you are looking for. Includes an infographic on digital touchpoints.

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Low Sales on Mobile, Conversion Tools, Flat Design [For Further Study]

Of keen interest to us this week is Nielsen Norman Group’s critique of the ubiquitous “flat design” trend. Also, Why Do Mobile Users Not Buy On Mobile? Plus, 25+ Tools That Conversion Rate Optimization Pros Can’t Ignore.

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Developing a Maximum Viable Non-Product (MVNP)

When it comes to validating ideas, conversion optimization tools make you leaner than Lean. You’re ultra-lean. You’re 45-days-in-a-lifeboat lean. You’re hide-behind-a-flagpole lean. Instead of building an MVP, we prefer to build an MVNP: the Maximum Viable Non-Product. Podcast and Transcript.

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Copyright Infringement-Things to Avoid on the Web [INFOGRAPH]

Do you know how copyright works? Are you sure you understand “fair use” of content? Are you vulnerable to having your trademarks stolen from you? These are some of the questions Ruth Carter addressed in her Ungagged conference presentation “Social Media Horror Stories.” Here are my instagraph notes.

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Metrics for Great SEO Content

What are the characteristics of a high-performing organic web page? How would you measure it? What are the things that get it shared? In his Ungagged Conference presentation “Increasing Your Content IQ” Jordan Koene gives us three strategies for SEO Content that pulls backlinks and organic visitors to the page, the relevant engaged kind of…

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7 Ways to Get More Software Trials from Your Landing Page [Critique]

What does a landing page have to do to generate more software trials from visitors? One of the sites I reviewed during my webinar The Science of the Landing Page with Avangate was Mac Mail to Outloook Converter. The primary call to action on this page is to download and try the converter. Watch the…

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7 Value Proposition Changes that Delivered a 500% Increase in Leads

How would you find a 508% increase in leads from your most important landing page? Here’s how Comnio did it. What Makes Up Your Value Proposition I’m often asked questions like, “What would you test first on a landing page?” and, “What do you test on landing pages that most often increases conversions?” At Conversion…

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Which SEO Landing Pages Are Making You Money?

When you’re building a blog to bring traffic to your site, it’s the organic search traffic that makes or breaks your efforts. A blog post is an SEO landing page. It draws visitors through the graces of the search engines. SEO landing pages are challenging, primarily because it takes time to see which of them…

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