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See The Conversion Scientist Live at InfusionCon

Brian is excited to announce that he will be speaking later this week at InfusionCon. He’s ironing the lab coat and polishing his glasses to get ready for a great session in Arizona. What is InfusionCon you ask? Well it is the annual conference for InfusionSoft. While it originally started as a software training conference, […]

Tracking Paypal With Google Analytics and Google AdWords

Tracking PayPal with Google Analytics and Google AdWords – Loves Data Blog Feb 11, 2013 12:05 pm Comments: PayPal is a preferred method of payment for many of your visitors. Even if you’ve got a merchant account and gateway all setup, you should consider PayPal as an alternative source. However, measuring transactions through PayPal is […]

See Brian at Pubcon Austin

Will you be in Austin on Thursday, February 21st? If so, you should head over to Pubcon Austin to hear Brian speak.  There’s really no better way to spend a Thursday afternoon. Brian will be speaking with Khalid Saleh (moderated by Peter LeShaw) on conversion rate optimization. Or, as Pubcon says….. “You may have figured […]

Why Tease Your Visitors, When You Can TEES Them?

In the world of sales funnels, acronyms rule. There’s the classic AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and the popular AILSB from Brad Geddes (Awareness, Interest, Learn, Shop, Buy). People have reversed, flipped, twisted, and backflipped the formulas, but for the most part, they stay pretty close to that theme. Surely you think there’s no need […]

Conversion Techniques of the 1920s and The Most Trusted Seal on the Internet: For Further Study

Nine conversion techniques from the 1920s to try today | Econsultancy Jan 23, 2013 08:11 pm Comments:  @eConsultancy brings the excellent teaching of Claude Hopkins Scientific Advertising into our online world. It’s almost conversion steampunk until you realize that we haven’t invented very much original.And we’ve left some smart ideas behind.Enjoy these nine tips and […]