Growth Marketing Manager – Job Opening


Have you driven growth for a company using content, email and digital advertising? We have built a great brand in our space and need someone to drive growth through content and outreach. Come build a high-performing online marketing engine to turn more marketers, product managers and business owners into scientists. You’ll work closely with Brian Massey, founder and Managing Partner of Conversion Sciences.

This is a full-time position in Austin, Texas.

What You’re Building

Conversion Sciences is a marketing agency that provides conversion optimization teams and training to businesses of all kinds. We are dedicated to bringing science and data-driven decision making to the web. We offer services, content and training to accomplish our mission. Your job is to put systems in place and drive content development to spread our mission and drive growing sales.

Our brand voice is that of the teacher who inspired you on your journey. Our conversion optimization teams are competitive, entrepreneurial and focused on growing bottom-line results.

Required Skills

  • Subscriber and lead management
  • Writing
  • Research
  • Editing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Writer Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital advertising

Nice to Have Skills

  • Video Production and Editing
  • PR
  • Training

A Typical Day

After a cup of coffee, you sit down and review the editorial calendar for the Conversion Sciences blog. You assemble a list of potential contributors and ask them to contribute for a post that’s planned in four weeks.

You outline a draft of the lead magnet that will be used in a post due to publish in two weeks’ time and find the resource to develop it.

You open next week’s guest post draft and edit it, making notes for the author. You do the keyword research to identify the best keyword to target for the content, and the “tent pole” content that it will support. You do a search for appropriate past posts for internal linking. You create the feature image for the post and add it to the article in WordPress. Then send it to the managing partner for marketing to approve.

You check the performance of the funnels for the past week, sharing any insights you find. You then jump over to Google Analytics to see which blog posts are growing in traffic and which need to be bumped through social media.

Popping over to Facebook, you check out the performance of the ads running, stopping the underperformers and creating new audiences for those that are performing. You put time on your calendar to develop some new ads to test in the mix.

You’ll spend a portion of the day outlining an autoresponder series for the new lead magnet. You’ll work through the copy with a writer or work with one of our subject matter experts.

You’ll summarize current results for the team and make recommendations for what’s next.

You meet with the managing partner in charge of marketing and go over the plans and results.

Then you start doing research for a post that you’re writing for next month on a behavioral marketing.

Why You’re Good at This

You’re curious, first and foremost. You have created a system that allows you to try new things and take chances with your content, messaging and strategies.

You rely on data to help you be more creative. You know that you only get to take creative chances because you can monitor the success of your ideas. You can let go of beloved campaigns.

You love managing details and creating order from chaos.

You’re not afraid get things done. We are looking for someone with a “bias toward action”, who makes good decisions about when to act, and when to ask.

This is a full-time position in Austin, Texas. Ya’ll.

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