Testing & QA Intern – Job Opening

Do you feel a strange sense of satisfaction when you break websites, programs or apps? Do you like to outwit people who think they are smarter than you? When you look at a fence or a gate, do you see the holes first?

If so, we can raise you to new levels of experience and satisfaction.

We help businesses improve their websites. Part of our job is to find things that are broken on our clients’ websites. The other part of our job is to change things on the site and see what happens.

In both cases, we need to be able to shake out a website on all necessary devices and browsers: phones, tablets and PCs.

We need someone who can diligently and repeatedly test these websites, someone who relishes breaking things.

We see this as a stepping stone to becoming a front-end developer here at our fast-growing company.


You will be presented with a website or a description of changes and a list of devices and browsers to test. You will choose the proper devices from our QA lab and proceed to look for improper behavior in our testing environment.

You will document any irregularities and communicate them to the development team, who will look at you with momentary disdain, but then feel relief that their mistakes didn’t get released to the public.

You must find and document issues clearly for correction by our development team.

Experience with Microsoft Word and Excel is important.

A basic knowledge of HTML/CSS is necessary.

Experience with a variety of websites, including ecommerce sites and online services.

Experience with or ability to learn a variety of devices:

  • Mobile: iPhone, Android and Windows
  • Tablet: iPad, Android and Windows
  • Desktop: OSX & Windows

Knowledge of a variety of browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Create a break down of visitors to a site based on devices and browsers.
Use GMail, Basecamp and HipChat along with in-person discussions to help coordinate test launches for clients.

Also, create a list of need-to-know things for testing on each of these.


Some experience programming in Java or JavaScript.

Experience with any of the following

  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Test
  • Visual Website Optimizer
  • Optimizely

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