Conversion Scientist

About You

You’re a natural leader. You love data and love using it to solve complex problems. You’re driven, analytical, creative, empathetic, accountable, extremely ethical and you love to win.

Your professional background is in Optimization, Experimentation, Growth, Analytics, Strategy, A/B & MV Testing or some similar flavor of data-driven digital marketing. 

You’re looking for an opportunity where you can work side by side with some of the best optimizers in the world while delivering remarkable results to amazing clients. 

If this describes you and you value being valued, then we should talk.

Position Summary

The Conversion Scientist manages the entire optimization process for up to five clients on an on-going basis. They are two parts optimization-expert and one part project manager. We think of the position as being the CRO CEO of your portfolio of clients with the sole mission of always delivering remarkable results.

  1. Assume full responsibility for managing five conversion optimization clients on an on-going basis within 90 days of start.
  2. Delight and retain clients
  3. Contribute to Conversion Science’s industry thought leadership

The role is equal parts strategy and execution.

 For each client, you will:

  • Outline the overarching CRO strategy
  • Conduct multiple layers of quantitative and qualitative analysis
    • analytics
    • heatmaps/session recordings
    • user testing
    • surveys
    • competition 
    • heuristic
    • etc, etc
  • Synthesize what you see
  • Translate data and analysis into specific, actionable test hypotheses
  • Prioritize hypotheses
  • Collaborate with internal resources (development and design)
  • Execute A|B and/or Multivariate tests
  • Communicate findings, insights, results and recommendations


  • AT LEAST two years of running a SUCCESSFUL conversion optimization, experimentation or growth program
  • Demonstrable experience creating and executing an optimization strategy
  • Demonstrable experience translating data into insights and translating insights into specific test creative
  • Track record of successfully cultivating long-term client relationships
  • AT LEAST two years of in-depth, hands-on experience in:
    • Analytics (Google and/or Adobe)
    • User behaviour (heatmaps, scrollmaps, session recordings)
    • User testing


These are the traits and values that correlate with success in this role:

  • Analytical: able to structure and process quantitative and qualitative data and draw insights from it
  • Attention to Detail: does not let important details slip
  • Bias to action: talk about solutions instead of just pointing out problems
  • Creative: ability to find elegant options for solving problems or capturing opportunities
  • Efficiency: produce significant output with minimal wasted effort
  • Follow-through on commitments: do what you say you will do when you say you will do it
  • Honest/Integrity: never cut corners ethically. Speaks plainly and truthfully
  • Intelligence: quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information
  • Organization and planning: plans, organizes and schedules in an efficient, productive manner
  • Persistence (grit): Tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done
  • Proactivity: acts without being told. Brings new ideas to company and clients.

Conversion Sciences

Crazy about optimization, serious about people.

Conversion Sciences is an Optimization and Data-Driven Design Agency dedicated to helping our clients maximize conversion rate and lifetime value. We are nationally recognized authors, speakers and experts and are always looking for A players to join our team. 

Our job is clear – use advanced analysis and testing techniques to show our clients how to make more money from their websites. We eliminate analytics blind spots, analyze conversion funnels, define the overarching conversion strategy and design and execute A/B & Multivariate tests. We refuse to lose and the proof is in the hundreds of  millions of dollars of incremental revenue that we have generated for our clients.

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