The Indispensable Marketer

Let’s talk about your career as a marketer. Let’s talk about your power in an organization. Let’s talk about your ability to make things happen in a very real and salary-building way. Marketing is seen as important by CEOs. However, the marketing department is often not seen as important. We are too often seen as…

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Is Conversion Science Sexy?

While I think we look smashing in our lab coats, I can’t say that I’ve ever thought of what we do as “Sexy.” Conversion Science is exciting, challenging and perplexing, a perfect combination for the trained and curious person drawn to this kind of work. But sexy? Writing in The Harvard Business Review authors Thomas…

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I want to talk to that developer you know

Perhaps you can help me. It turns out that optimizing websites has “caught on” so to speak. There’s reason to believe that applying science to the “art” of creating effective websites is going to be a big thing. Our business is certainly growing and profitable. Now, we are ready to grow our development team. Do…

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Build a Marketing “Battery” that Stores Purchase Power

How to build a marketing database that keeps prospects engaged It sounded like the perfect market:      A large and growing marketplace      A need so critical that it strikes at the very foundations of the family      Increasing competition for scarce supply      A marketplace actively using the Internet to…

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