7 Conversion Rate Optimization Experts, 5 Questions You Are Probably Asking

We talk a lot about conversion rate optimization here – we are conversion scientists, after all.

Recently, our friends over at Shopify asked five questions of seven conversion rate optimization experts, including our own Brian Massey. These are questions that people normally might be afraid to ask.

How Do You Define Conversion Rate Optimization?

Where Do You Look For Testing Ideas?

How Do You Know What To Test?

How Long Should You Run A Test For?

When Do You Stop Testing And Go Full Redesign?

The responses were both enlightening and entertaining.

“Like fine wine, CRO takes some time to mature,” says @Judah Phillips of Smart Current. It’s simple advice like this that can make a night and day difference when it comes to your website’s conversion rate.

Peep Laja informs us, “You can’t test faster just because you/your boss/VCs want to move faster.”

“Watching people in the act of loosening their grip on their pocketbook is the most reliable data you can collect,” says Brian Massey.

If you’ve found yourself pondering some conversion questions, check out the article here – you’ll probably find the answers you’re looking for.