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Communicate More Creatively with Analytics

People sometimes confuse us with robot-like scientists, being lead by data and caring little for the creative side of marketing. Nothing could be further from the truth. I like to think that we can be more creative because we add a rigor to our creativity that allows us to try riskier things. If we have…

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The Most Important Questions to Ask About Your Mobile Visitors

When we stand up a website, perhaps the most valuable question we can ask about our visitors is, “What triggered them come to our website? What problem are they trying to solve?” The question is different when someone comes on their smartphone. The question is, “What triggered them to come to our website from where…

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Predicting the Unpredictable Consumer

In this presentation, I talk about predicting the future. The problem with predicting the future, even using CRO, is that our visitors are very unpredictable. Here are some of the assumptions we use to predict the future that just don’t work. Because, really, all of us are predicting the future. When we’re building our sites…

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How to Know Your Audience like a Psychologist

If Psychology is the practice of understanding a person through their actions and behaviors, isn’t website optimization pretty much the same thing? The folks who invited me to speak at the Chinwag Psych Conference in London think so. Here’s why. What a person says they are feeling and thinking doesn’t let a psychologist know what…

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Social Video

The Social Video Starter Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is a guest post by Ivan Serrano. The phrase “too long; didn’t read” has entered the lexicon of internet users worldwide, highlighting the importance of keeping things brief, so that’s what we’ll do here. The reasoning is simple: people are less likely to be distracted while watching and listening to a video, compared to…

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Hero Conference

Four Ways of Predicting the Future of Your Website

How predictable are people when they are on the Web? As it turns out, they are not very predictable at all. For any site, the audience is very different, even among sites in the same business. Whenever we try to predict how people will behave, we are trying to predict the future. There are several…

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Build an Audience for your Video in 7 Days

This is a guest post by Mike Tyler. A leader without an audience is just a man yelling things. There comes a time when every marketer faces the decision of whether to pursue video as part of their marketing strategy. The difficulties in this venture come in several forms. For example, you’ll need to determine…

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If You Could Ask Only One Question of Your Visitors, What Should It Be?

Brian Massey posed a great question to me the other day: If you could ask your site visitors only one question, what should it be? I love this question because it distills pre-conversion user research down to its essence: how can you best glean the “why” motivations behind what your users are thinking – and,…

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Heartbleed Has Taken Trust Away from Your Website

We have begun tracking the Heartbleed Bug across the Internet, and wanted to update you with information to help you minimize the impact on your conversion rate and your sales. The Heartbleed bug is a major setback for ecommerce sites, online services, and subscription sites, even if your site is not affected by the bug….

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3 Must-Use Facebook Ad Tactics for 2014

This is a guest post by Simon Campbell Facebook is not only the most popular of the many social networks; it’s also the most prone to changes. What worked well just a few short months ago on the site may not be the best formula to try in 2014. Changes in the News Feed have…

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An Insider’s View on Visual Marketing – Get Your Own Gimmick

For The Conversion Scientist, it is very simple: Create a hook and use it everywhere. Speaking engagements, your website, your social media profiles, webinars, podcasts, the movies, grocery shopping. Well, maybe not everywhere. Brian Massey devised an inventive way to exaggerate the serious nature of his business without compromising its integrity. With science on the…

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My Internet Marketing Oedipus Complex

This is a guest post by Craig Andrews. Sorry, no salacious stories about sons killing their father and sleeping with their mother. But in Oedipus Rex, Sophocles had insights about Internet Marketing more than 2 millennia before the internet. The play’s hero had a tragic flaw that plagues all of us. It is our Internet…

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How to get Awesome Content that Boosts Conversions

Solving the "Subject Matter Expert Problem" Getting right traffic to the right page is critical if you want high conversion rates. The right content is the way to get the right traffic to your pages. But, content is a pain in the nether regions to create and get approved, is it not? "Our subject matter...

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Measure Email to the Dollars and Make Yourself Invaluable

It’s time to stop boring people with how good your open rates and click-through rates are. Tell them what each and every person on your list is worth in dollars by measuring Revenue per Recipient (RPR). When you track the results of your emails down to the dollar, you track your own value down to…

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