A/B Testing Fundamentals Infographic

Six tips for optimizing your website using AB Testing

Here are six tips for getting your A/B testing right. These were captured at Affiliate Summit West 2016 and presented by Digital Marketer’s Justin Rondeau.

Focus on Process Not Hacks

Don’t just try what others  say works. Have a process that allows you to know your MARKET.

Your A/B Testing effort should focus on process.
Your A/B Testing effort should focus on process.

Measure Multiple Metrics that Matter

Measure the right metrics for the part of the funnel you’re testing

You'll track different kinds of A/B testing metrics depending on where your visitors are in the sales funnel.
You’ll track different kinds of metrics depending on where your visitors are in the sales funnel.

Use Analytics to Identify Problems

Don’t just test anything. Use analytics to identify problem pages.

Take the Guesswork out of A/B Testing
Take the Guesswork out of Testing

Fix What’s Broken. Only Test What’s Ambiguous

If it’s broke, don’t bother testing it. Just fix it.

Test Persuasive and intuitive issues. Sometimes test Usability. Otherwise just fix the problem.
Test Persuasive and intuitive issues. Sometimes test Usability. Otherwise just fix the problem.

Schedule a Finite Time to Stop

Don’t expect your tests to just run until they’re successful or lose. Testing has an opportunity cost.

Conversion Optimization is about meeting user expectations.
Conversion Optimization is about meeting user expectations.

This instagraphic was captured live by Brian Massey of Conversion Sciences.


Applying Optimization Fundamentals Infodoodle-Justin Rondeau-Affiliate Summit West 2016 600x2288
Applying Optimization Fundamentals Infodoodle from Justin Rondeau’s Affiliate Summit West 2016 presentation.

Your guide to test your way to high-converting landing pages.

AB Test Planning Guide for Landing Pages

What works in conversion-centered design when testing landing pages.
  • The components of a high-converting landing page.
  • Headlines and offers to test.
  • Images that increase conversion rates.

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Brian Massey is the Founder and Conversion Scientist at Conversion Sciences. He is the author of Your Customer Creation Equation. His rare combination of interests, experience and neuroses were developed over almost 20 years as a computer programmer, entrepreneur, corporate marketer, international speaker and writer.

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  • Agree with the points you made above Brian. Quite insightful.

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    Thanks for the article Brian. Yes, more and more of our clients use our transcription service http://voicetranscribing.com to transcribe their podcasts, webinars, interviews and generate content for blog posts.

  • Hi Kristi,

    I can respond with a lengthy comment, arguing the futility and wastefulness in running A/A or A/A/B etc. test, but I’ve already done an article on that back in 2014, so I’ll just share that: http://blog.analytics-toolkit.com/2014/aa-aab-aabb-tests-cro/ If you’d like to check it out and, hopefully, respond to it I think it will be beneficial for the readers of this blog.

    Kind Regards

    • Thanks, Georgiev. When you have a test setup that spans multiple domains, servers and security features, an A/A test is critical. We have been saved by A/A tests. In response to your excellent article I ask, “Which is more wasteful: Running a series of A/A tests or running a series of A/B tests that result in the wrong decisions?” The latter can impact sales for months or years.

      • Sounds like an unusually complicated test setup there, Brian. What kind of problems did those many A/A tests reveal? Randomization issues? User experience uniformity issues? Statistical engine issues? I’m just thinking there has to be a better way to detect & debug most of these, but the statistical engine ones…

        • We never really found the smoking gun, but we suspected cookie persistence issues, iframe security delays, page load times, etc. We redesigned the approach and verified the setup with an A/A test.

  • nrennie

    Thanks for removing my comments @bmassey:disqus.

    Surely constructive criticism is part of making things better, and excluding a market leader from your “Top tools” was exactly this?

    So my valid point was why not include Maxymiser? It’s a huge gap in your post.

    • Cut the sarcasm, @nrennie. It’s never appropriate. You commented on the wrong post here. I assume you meant to post on “The Most Recommended AB Testing Tools by Leading Experts”. I’ll reply to your comment there, but we didn’t list Maxymiser because nobody recommended it. Our team used it for one client and found it lacking on several key features.