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How your button designs are like Pool Tables

Fitt’s Law Says Button Design is Like Shooting Pool

According to Fitt’s Law, clicking a button on your site can be modeled like a pool shot. It’s a fun way of saying that you should make buttons big and put them where the visitor expects them to be. If you’re looking for good ideas for testing button design, consider the game of pool. Most of…

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Video Headlines that Get Visitors to Click Play

Video is powerful. It can work for our business or against it. Here’s why. Let’s talk a little bit about headlines, the words that go around your videos. Headlines get people to read on. In almost every medium that we work with online, the most important thing is going to be the headline or the…

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Video Hosting: Why YouTube is the Wrong Choice

Video hosting is a critical decision. From a conversion stand point, where is the best place that you can host a video? We’ve got Youtube which every body knows how to use it and it’s free. So wouldn’t use Youtube for all of our video? Be Jealous of Your Hard-won Visitors When you are using…

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Do a Website Redesign Like JJ Abrams

Why Our Website Redesign Wasn’t a Disaster [WEBINAR]

On Monday, Conversion Sciences launched a revamped website. As you will learn in our Lab Coat Lessons Webinar, a website redesign can be a very dangerous undertaking. Sixty percent of our business comes through our website (the remainder being referrals). Any significant drop in traffic or conversion rate will hit our bottom line hard. It’s still early…

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don't let the bestpraciclopse eat your mobile conversion rates feature image

Mobile Best Practices can be Huge Mistakes

What is a best practice? Commercial or professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being the most effective. It’s something that works much of the time in similar situations. What is a conversion insight? Conversion optimization is finding the unique things on your unique site that drive your unique visitors to do more of…

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which of your cognitive biases are killing your conversion rate

The Cognitive Biases that Infest Your Website Redesign

I state that, “” in my September Marketing Land column The Biases that Drive Crazy Decisions. A large part of the column is dedicated to the biases found in website redesigns. These include Pro-innovation Bias, Stereotyping, Overconfidence and Blind-spot Bias. Of these, the most fascinating has to be the Pro-innovation Bias. You can see its…

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Create a Reaction When You Optimize

Get More Online Sales with the Elements of Conversion

One of my most requested and highest rated presentations for online sales is The Chemistry of the Landing Page. It’s part of our Conversion Course. The elements combine to make an effective landing page. Here’s the equation for a successful landing page: This formula tells us that an effective landing page takes a Web Page…

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