Using Animated Video to Increase Attention

Using Animation in Video Marketing to Generate Leads and Sales

Let’s talk a little bit about animated video, or cartoon video. What is it about this video that seems to work so well? Why does it keep our attention? We were particularly curious about this at Conversion Sciences, because we had used this content in our video marketing and it had performed well. See an example.

We had seen studies in which someone is drawing a cartoon over audio explaining the concept did a great job of engaging people.

We wanted to know why that was, and we wanted to know if that meant they would also be more likely to convert if they were on your website and being asked to take an action.

Eye Tracking Study

We ran an eye tracking study, which sought to answer these things, and what we found out was very interesting.

First of all, the motion of the pen being drawn on a whiteboard while somebody’s speaking, or of a cartoon moving, pulls the attention of the visitor. It has a very high level of engagement.

Something else we thought was very interesting was that when you draw pictures of people, which is pretty common in these kind of videos, the eyes are seen as a face. The effects of the cartoon face is very much the same as  a videotaped face, like you’re looking at now with me.

The human mind is drawn to eyes, we like to watch them. Even if there’s something else going on, we always seem to return to the eyes.

Does Animated Video Convert Better?

When we did this study, we also coupled it with a split test. We tested this kind of video with talking head video like this, and with what we call slide video, which you might see given in a webinar, with static images.

What we found out was that if you put this video on a landing page, in which you have a call to action and a form to complete, the animated video converted better. In other words, more people were willing to go and fill out the form and take the next step than with talking head video or slide video.

See Eye-tracking Videos in the Full Report
See Eye-tracking Videos in the Full Report

More Effective But More Expensive

So, if you’re considering video that’s going to call people to action, you really should consider animated or whiteboard video for your landing page. Keep in mind that style of video marketing is a little bit more expensive to produce, and your results may vary.

If you can, test the video, and make sure that it’s performing for you.

About Brian Massey

Brian Massey is The Conversion Scientist™. He’s the founder of Conversion Sciences, and author of the book, Your Customer Creation Equation: Unexpected Website Formulas of the Conversion Scientist.