• Kaia Petin

    Insightful content, and timely as well!

    Have you ever heard of the work of Clare Graves  http://www.clarewgraves.com/home.html  or the evolving theory of Spiral Dynamics?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiral_Dynamics 

    These concepts are also based on the pendulous swing between “we” & “me” worldviews, but they add the concept of a progressive spiral through layers and tiers of evolving cognitive intelligence over time.

    • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey

      I am familiar with Spiral Dynamics, but it has been years since I used it. Thanks for the links.

      How have you used this research in your business?

  • Leanne Beesley

    Thanks for the write up Brian!

    Just also letting you know that your readers can pick up a free hardcover copy of Pendulum here: http://www.penduluminaction.com/special

    • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey

      It’s gift-giving time!

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