About Natalia Wulfe

Natalia Wulfe, Media Director, Effective Spend
Natalia and her husband, Brian Wulfe, own and run Effective Spend, a digital marketing agency specializing in PPC advertising, Amazon marketing, SEO and Digital PR. Natalia brings more than 15 years of professional marketing expertise to the company. Through both her agency and in-house experience, she has led initiatives in eCommerce advertising, lead generation, CRO and online merchandising. A proud native of Austin, Texas, Natalia enjoys sharing the wonders of her weird city with her two young daughters.

Entries by Natalia Wulfe

Make Ex-Amazon Prime Members Your New Loyal Customers

In May, Amazon announced one of its most significant changes to ever impact Amazon customer service – a steep 20% increase to the annual fee for Amazon Prime members. Amazon began rolling out the increase to renewing Prime members on June 16th. According to a recent survey by Effective Spend, 54% of Prime members are […]

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