INFOGRAPH David Pogue Gushes About Disruptive Technologies at PubCon

As a frequent speaker, I’m always impressed when anyone will pull out the old piano and treat the audience to a song.

David Pogue did in his PubCon Keynote after taking us on an energetic and entertaining tour of the technologies that have been and will be changing our lives.

And he finished it off with a live rendition of “I Want an iPhone.”

His topics spanned what he calls “app phones” (not Smartphones), Twitter, advertising and include plugs for the apps he loves best.

Here is what I learned captured using Conversion Sciences InstaGraph infograph technology.

David Pogue PubCon Keynote INFOGRAPH 1 of 3
David Pogue PubCon Keynote INFOGRAPH 2 of 3
David Pogue PubCon Keynote INFOGRAPH 3 of 3

  • Agree with the points you made above Brian. Quite insightful.