What would you tell a recent marketing grad about “real” marketing?

People don’t ask me to make commencement speeches. I think it’s because they don’t want me “converting” impressionable minds.

Amanda McGuckin Hager of GoMarket.me has no such reservations. In fact, she’s trying to fill in the missing information that colleges are doling out to the rumored “clay-like minds” of our young adults.

GoMarket.me is “Your Real World Marketing Mentor” and Amanda asked me to contribute some mentorly words for the site.

What would you say to help a recent marketing graduate?

Here’s what I said, and there should be no surprises if you follow The Conversion Scientist.

You will have been taught a great deal about how to get people’s attention, primarily by interrupting them. You will have been steeped in the importance of message, brand, and emotion. You will have learned the importance of creative in the communication process. You will have been shown the importance of identifying your market segments by demographic, geographic and psychographic data.

In the world of branding and image-building, these skills are largely sufficient. However, when you are asking “suspects” to call, register, or buy from you, conversion is the critical piece of the puzzle.

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Brian Massey
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