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Why You Want a Conversion Scientist® Working on Your Business

Conversion Sciences has created the role of Conversion Scientist as the cornerstone of its conversion optimization process. This is an experienced researcher and experimenter that is responsible for understanding your business and managing the optimization program.

When you work with a Conversion Scientist you can expect an individual with a unique set of skills.

Team Management

The Conversion Scientist manages the teams that make our process work.

Your Teams

The Conversion Scientist works closely with your internal teams to complete research and implement winning ideas.

Development Team

Highly skilled developers that focus on client-side coding and quality assurance.

Design Team

Our designers know how to integrate data into their design decisions.

Other Conversion Scientists

Our team of Conversion Scientists work together, sharing ideas for improving all our clients’ websites.

Great Account Manager

As the point-person for a client, the Conversion Scientist must be good at setting expectations, creating commitments, and meeting those commitments on schedule.

Trusted Marketing Consultant

Your Conversion Scientist, in cooperation with the rest of the team, is an experienced digital marketer. They can advise on issues both tactical and strategic, providing data and research to support your online marketing.

Data Analyst

We believe that the person who is on the phone with our clients should also be the one doing the data analysis.

Web Analytics

The Conversion Scientist is proficient in evaluating web analytics, such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, heat map reports, site performance reports, and data flowing from backend systems.

Test Design and QA

Designing a test requires an understanding of the underlying statistics. The Conversion Scientist designs tests that are most likely to detect an improvement. These tests must conclude in a reasonable timeframe.

It is also the responsibility of the Conversion Scientist to ensure that tests are error free.


The Conversion Scientist has the resources to develop and refine the copy and images that appear on a business website. They utilize GPT language models to develop copy alternatives for testing.

Customer Research

Development of online panels, customer surveys, and user testing scripts are a key part of the Conversion Scientist’s research.

Market Research

Making your existing research actionable.

The Conversion Scientist will digest any marketing research your business may have created. It is their job to make this research actionable. We designed our process to make sure that the insights found in market research get tested and that the best ideas get implemented.

Creating new research studies.

The Conversion Scientist is skilled in generating surveys, online focus groups, opinion polls, user testing studies. These are used to answer specific questions about your online business and your marketing.

Competitive Evaluation

We like to “steal like a scientist.” This means gleaning competing website for ideas and testing them to see if they are going to improve the business’s conversion rates.


Conversion Scientists are in a unique position to advise your advertising team. The things learned from the research and experimentation regimen can inform your advertising strategies.

Pay Per Click Ads

Overall, higher conversion rates result in lower acquisition costs, making you more competitive in ad auctions.

The research a Conversion Scientist does will identify campaigns that may be generating traffic but are not generating conversions. Optimizing the landing experience can make or break an ad campaign.


The Conversion Scientist’s job is to identify landing experiences that should be optimized. This includes maximizing the return on your investment in search engine optimization.

Marketing Strategy

The Conversion Scientist has a playbook of strategic ideas that can be tested. These include:

  • Price and profit optimization
  • New product ideas
  • New feature ideas
  • Email and SMS strategies
  • Subscription and loyalty programs
  • Retention

AI Prompt Engineer

The new generation of GPT language models offers new opportunities to understand a target persona and test experiences crafted specifically for them.

The Conversion Scientist ensures that any content provided by a GPT AI is accurate and that copyrights are valid.


While it takes a long time to develop a Conversion Scientist, we’ve found that unifying these functions under one individual is the best way to optimize a website quickly and confidently.

We’ve chosen quality over quantity in terms of our Conversion Scientists. We think you’ll love the experience of working with one of these amazing individuals.

Get a free review of your site by one of our Conversion Scientists.

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