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Live Chat for Business. It's not just B2C anymore

Live Chat for B2B Conversion Optimization

It may not seem intuitive business to business brands to implement live chat for B2B conversion optimization. But live chat is no longer only reserved for B2C brands. While Live Chat hasn’t become popular with B2B decision maker just yet, more organizations are adopting this rich media tool to support their conversion optimation efforts. Live…

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Optimize for Buyer Intent to Increase Conversions

It can be dangerous to delay asking for the sale on your website. Optimizing for buyer intent helps you ask at the right time. You should hire me. I’m good at what I do, have helped some pretty awesome companies achieve killer results, and I reckon I could help you achieve similar levels of success….

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10 Conversion Lessons For Online Retail from Amazon

Discover the retail conversion lessons we can take from Amazon, and the science behind their success. With 38.1% of total eCommerce sales in 2016, is the definitive king of online retail. The next closest competitor trails at just 7.8%. What does this mean for us? It means Amazon is where we should be looking…

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4 Straightforward Ways To Increase Customer Retention

If you’ve listened to any of the top conversion experts lately, you’ve likely noticed them distancing themselves from the word “conversion”. While the goal of “conversion optimizers” is ultimately to increase revenue, the term is often misinterpreted in a market where acquisition receives an unhealthy level of focus. Today, we want to spend a little…

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Competitive Analysis: How To Find & Analyze Your REAL Competitors

Competitive analysis is competitive advantage. What if you knew exactly what each of your major competitors was doing to attract, convert, and retain new customers? You knew which channels were bringing them the most customers. You knew how real customers were engaging with their websites. You knew how customers were being onboarded, retained, and upsold. Now forget…

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Social Commerce Is Changing The Ecommerce Game… Kinda Sorta

Here at Conversion Sciences, we tend to focus a lot on website optimization, but in 2017, your website isn’t your only option for driving sales. Over the last few years, social media sites have begun building ecommerce solutions directly into their platforms, allowing businesses to attract and sell to their target audience directly through their…

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8 Advanced Tactics For Increasing Your B2B Telephone Sales

Telephone sales aren’t what they used to be. It took only 3.68 cold call attempts to reach a prospect in 2007. Today, it takes around 8 attempts, more than doubling the difficulty of landing sales over the phone. But as you know, phone sales certainly aren’t dead. They just require a higher level of strategy…

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