• http://www.soyculto.com Sebastien Yanni

    Very interesting insights you shared. I have a quick question: Have you been A/B testing the real impact on conversion for each avatar version?

    • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey


      No, I’ve never done a split test on my avatar. Most of my inferences are based on tests done by others of photography. This post on the Webusability Blog illustrates the effect of using eyes to control attention. http://webusability-blog.com/use-pictures-to-direct-the-users-gaze/

      Has anyone among our readers tested avatars?


  • http://twitter.com/NickyElectric nicky fraser

    Brian this is such a great post. It’s so important to stand out from the crowd but also be an inviting and friendly face for people to connect with. Fantastic advice! :)

    • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey

      Thanks, Nicky.

  • http://truelifesuccesssecrets.com/blog/ Tammy Matthews

    I love this article. Simple, yet so informative! I have a picture of me with a drawn on crown on my private facebook page and in one of my article posts. I was afraid to use it at first, but I got some amazing responses to it!
    Thank you,

    • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey


      I must admit that I wince when I walk out on stage in my Lab Coat. I even get feedback that people rolled their eyes at first site of it. But I work hard to deliver value. Your crown may seem kitschy, but if people are hanging memories like “remarkable” and “helpful” on the image, it will work for you.

      As we say in Texas, you can’t be all hat and no cattle.


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