Part-Time Office Administrator

Job Description

Imagine a business full of nerds, nerds who love data and computers and science. And these nerds make money for businesses by making their websites better.

Now imagine all of the things nerds don’t like to do, but that are required to run a business. Email, travel arrangements, setting appointments, researching questions about benefits, reading government communications, and getting things for the accountant.

We are looking for someone who can let us spend more of our time nerding out and less of our time not nerding out.

There are two big nerds and five nerdy employees you’ll be supporting.

You’re Right for This Role…

If you like nerds (although we aren’t the socially inept kind)…

If you like getting things done, crossing things off of lists, and helping people get the information they need…

If you live in the Austin area and can occasionally meet in person with us…

If you can make good decisions about taking action or asking questions…

If you are good at figuring things out, because we don’t really know how to do most of this…

If you have 10-20 hours a week that you’d like to earn some money for.

Specific Skills You’ll Need

Email client (it’s an old form of communication that pre-dates Instagram) and calendar apps.

Microsoft Word and/or Google Docs

Microsoft Excel and/or Google Sheets

PowerPoint, and the Google Docs equivalents.

Good business writer.

Nice to Have Skills

All of our marketing is done by sending educational content, and we always need help with:

  • Proofing
  • Salesforce
  • Social media posting
  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing

A Typical Day

You’ll receive a raft of emails each day from the team to be handled. Some may require more information. Others you know how to handle. You will review each, taking appropriate action. You’ll schedule meetings, tell solicitors “no thanks”, request additional information from vendors, remove someone from our email list, send someone a book, or do some research for the executives.

You will probably check email once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

You may be given a special project to complete, such as researching issues with our 401K, proofing an article,  or sorting through resumes.

You will have a weekly call with the executives to answer any questions, and to share your ideas with us.

Occasionally, you may come to the office to pick up something that needs to be mailed. Come on Thursday for tacos with the team.

You’ll update the hours you worked and go on with your day.

Why You’re Good at This

You love managing details and creating order from chaos. You enjoy completing a variety of tasks with little supervision. You take pride in doing good work.

You are curious and not afraid to dig a little deeper to ensure you’re doing your best work.

You like to put processes in place to streamline the flow of work.

You’re open to suggestions for improving your work, but comfortable working without too much feedback.

You don’t mind nerds.

About Conversion Sciences

Conversion Sciences is a web marketing agency that focuses almost exclusively on collecting data to help make marketing decisions. Our customers pay us to research and test their websites to find out what is blocking visitors from buying and what could be improved.

Our clients include ecommerce companies like Paul Fredrick, Galeton and 1-800 PetMeds as well as sites like North Central University, RingCentral and National Funding.

We’ve been in business since 2007 and our clients work with us for years.

Our website and blog is at

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